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Shreem Brzee Wealth Powertimes

June 2022


June is full of astrological events, including several double powertimes, that release energetic influence to help you attract and create prosperity. With the help of the Moon, Stars, and Planets, you can accelerate and amplify the results of your Shreem Brzee practices in June. You can receive astrological support for karma clearing, wealth manifestation, and ancestral blessings to set you up for success and shift from poverty consciousness to prosperity consciousness.

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Watch the June Powertime Forecast with Lakshmi here.


4th Moon for Obstacle Removal | June 2 & 16

The Fourth Moon phase is ideal for removing obstacles that prevent you from achieving your goals. Ganesha is the powerful archetype that aids in obstacle removal, and his energetic presence is abundantly available to us during the Fourth Moon. He is able to foresee obstacles that block our path before we are even aware of them. Ganesha and Lakshmi are always seen together and their combined energies help to clear obstructions and support wealth manifestation.

What to do on the 4th Moon

  • Pray to Ganesha and ask him to remove all obstacles in your path to prosperity
  • Chant Om Gum 108 times

Shreem Brzee Fridays for Wealth | June 3, 10, 17, & 24

Each Friday in June brings an influential time to connect with Shreem Brzee. The weekly powertime is considered Goddess Friday, as Lakshmi’s energy is highly accessible. Venus, which rules Fridays, is the planet that governs material comforts. Extra Shreem Brzee practices, ceremonies, and connection with Venus and Laksmhi can help accelerate wealth manifestation in your life. 

What to do on Shreem Brzee Friday


11th Moon for Wealth | June 10 & 23

The 11th Moon phase is the best time to connect with Vishnu, the consort of Lakshmi. This power couple represents divine male and female energies that come together to create the perfect balance of what is needed to sustain us on the Earth plane – including happiness and material comforts. June 10 represents a double powertime which includes Shreem Brzee Friday and the 11th Moon. This is an ideal day to double down on your Shreem Brzee practices and connect deeply with Lakshmi and Vishnu. Because this day occurs during the Waxing Moon phase, there is a powerful conjunction of energy that supports your wealth manifestation.

What to do on the 11th Moon

  • Chant and write Shreem Brzee 108 times
  • Chant Vishnu’s mantra, ‘Om Namo Narayanaya,’ 108 times


13th Moon for Karma Clearing | June 11 & 25

(Sani Pradosham)

The 13th Moon represents an auspicious time to remove your karma. The 13th Moon phases in June are unique because they represent a double powertime in conjunction with Sani Pradosham. This means that the 13th Moon falls on a Saturday, which is ruled by Saturn. The 13th Moon phases this month provide an extra powerful time window to cleanse the karmic patterns that have been holding you back, as Saturn is a planet associated with karma removal. It’s a very powerful time to remove stubborn karma because Saturn often reveals stubborn karma to us. This is a great opportunity to cleanse your negative karmic mindset to pave the way for growth and abundance.

What to do on the 13th Moon (Sani Pradosham)

  • Practice surrogate spiritual technology with lemons, limes, or coconuts | Watch tutorial
  • Chant Shreem Brzee 108 times at the throat
  • Chant the karma removal mantra “Thiru Neela Kantam” 108 times


Anuradha Star Day for Wealth and Purity | June 12

Anuradha is the birth star of both Vishwamitra and Lakshmi. Vishwamitra is the Father of Brzee who gave the “Brzee” mantra to Dr. Pillai, and Lakshmi is the Goddess of Wealth who represents the Shreem Brzee mantra.  Anuradha Star Day offers a powerful opportunity to connect with the two archetypes to receive blessings and support for wealth manifestation.

What to do on Anuradha Star Day

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Full Moon Day for Abundance | June 13

The Full Moon is at its peak, radiating maximum energetic power for creating wealth and abundance. In May, the Sun moved into Taurus, which signifies financial gain.  The Sun is in Taurus until June 15, so this is the last Full Moon before its transition to Gemini. You can receive extra blessings for wealth manifestation by harnessing the power of the Sun’s fixation during the Moon’s most abundant presence. 

What to do on the Full Moon


Father’s Day | June 19

Dr. Pillai teaches that your father is a significant being in your life. Whether it’s your biological father, or significant male figure in your life, the energy of a father or father figure is important. Connecting with the Divine Father on this day is also ideal. Dr. Pillai says that “Father” is a mantra charged with powerful energy that allows you to connect to God, who is referred to as our Father. 

Just as the Goddess is considered our Divine mother, God is considered our Divine Father. These divine beings protect, love and nurture us throughout our journey on Earth. Even if you don’t have a relationship with your father, sending good energy, compassion, and healing to mend any restraints will allow love and blessings to flow forth in your life.

What to do on Father’s Day

  • Pray to Vishwamitra, the Father of Brzee, and ask for blessings of wealth
  • Pray to God, the Divine Father, and ask Him to remove negativity and replace it with abundance


New Moon for Ancestry Blessings | June 28

The New Moon is a significant powertime to perform ancestral rituals. Honoring your ancestors, providing offerings, and asking for their blessings are powerful ways to heal your trauma, overcome negativity, and release your ancestors into higher realms. Dr. Pillai often talks about the importance of ancestor offering rituals, also known as Tarpanam, to release ancestral imprints and influences on our lives. 

Although our ancestors have ascended into higher planes, their energetic presence still makes an impact on their lineage on Earth. They have feelings, thoughts, and desires that are directed towards us. When we connect with them, we can help them move into heavenly realms, receive their blessings, and remove their Earthly attachments. All of these help us to release negative karmic impressions that hold us back in our wealth manifestation journey.

What to do on the New Moon


Shreem Brzee & The Holy Spirit

Dr. Pillai is hosting a special 6-Week Pentecostal Program to teach you how to access the Holy Spirit. He teaches that the Holy Spirit is present in all traditions and that you can activate the ability to perform miracles by connecting with your inner Holy Spirit. One way to access this Divine consciousness is through Shreem Brzee, which can give you material blessings free of impurities. 

This experience is offered as a free gift to those who sign up for Dr. Pillai’s year-long program Mystery School: Living the Divine Mind.


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