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Significance of Vel Worship

Hindu Gods and Weapons

Hindu Gods and goddesses usually hold weapons in their hands. Each weapon represents a secret virtue and represents the quality of the deity holding it. For example, the Chakra (Discus) of Maha Vishnu signifies speed.

Lord Muruga holds a Vel in his hand, a spear representing power and higher intelligence.

Muruga and Vel

Muruga is the second son of Shiva and Parvati. He emerged to save the Devas from Surapadma, a demon. When the battle between Murugan and Asuras was scheduled, Muruga went to seek his mother’s blessings, Parvati, and got Vel from her.

In the ensuing war, Muruga made full use of the Vel and blew off Surapadma’s army like a speck of dust, defeated him, and killed his brothers. Later, Surapadma sought Muruga’s pardon, who transformed him into a peacock and began using it as his mount. Muruga’s worship will destroy bad karma, ignorance, negativity, and diseases.

Vel Worship

Vel has become synonymous in Muruga’s worship. Lord Muruga is known as Velavan, Velan (one who carries Vel), Velayudhan (the one who holds the weapon, Vel), and Kathirvelan (one who has the bright sparkling Vel).

The devotees consider Vel as Muruga himself. Therefore, Vel is installed for daily worship in many temples, and a hydration ceremony is performed.

Significance of Vel Worship

Many great saints like Arunagirinathar and Pamban Swamigal have sung about the importance of Vel in Muruga’s worship.

During the special festival days of Muruga, like Skanda Shasti, Vaikashi Visagam, and Aadi Kiruthigai, people offer special worship to Muruga and Vel.

Vel worship shall remove your bad karma and fear. “Vetrivel! Veeravel !!” is a famous slogan said during worshipping Murugan; the slogan hails Vel as the one capable of bringing success and fearlessness.

How to Worship Murugan Vel

You can perform Vel worship at home or temples. If you want to perform Vel worship at the Powerspot, you can contact the temple priest and buy him the items required to perform Vel puja. The priest will perform Abishekam (Hydration Pooja) to the Vel with different substances and then decorate it with flowers.

You can also worship Vel at your home. They are available in different sizes, and you can buy them according to your requirement. You can also draw Vel on your wall and offer worship to it.

Perform hydration ceremony to the Vel with milk, curd, rose water, honey, fruit juice, panchamrutha, sandal paste, and other sacred items.

Once the hydration ceremony is over, wipe the Vel cleanly and apply tilak on it using Vibhuti (sacred ash) and Kumkum (vermillion). Then, sing devotional songs of Muruga and chant his mantra, “SA RA VA NA BA VA.”

Energized 5 Metal Vel from Pillai Center 

Vels made from Energized 5 Metals are sold by Pillai Center. They act as divine tool for success. Worshipping the 5-Metal Vel shall bestow the following.

  • Power to overcome the obstacles you come across in your spiritual journey
  • Removes the litigation problems
  • Protect yourself from evil eye and curses
  • Remove bad health karma and bad money karma
  • Transform your physical body into a ‘light’ body
  • Gain success in business endeavours and academic matters

What Will you Receive?

Along with the energized 5-metal Vel, you will receive sacred powders (grey ash and red vermillion powder) energized in the rituals. You can keep them on your altar and wear them on your forehead during meditation or prayers.

Usage Guidelines

Hydrate the Vel using water or milk while and chant the mantra ‘Om Saravanabavaya.’ You can keep the Vel on your altar or carry the Vel with you in your pocket or bag.

Request you to check our Product page for more information on the 5-Metal Vel and its shipping procedure

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