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Your Ancestors Can Do a World of Good For You

Why the Yogis Recommend Everyone Observe Mahalaya


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Problems are Primarily Because of Your Ancestors

“Those of you who have been following my teaching for some time know that I put a lot of emphasis on ancestors. Everybody has problems in life and the problems are primarily because of your ancestors. 

Your soul inherits the fortune or misfortune from their souls. The Yogis recommend that everyone, regardless of whether they are a king or a pauper, should take care of their ancestor’s spirits. They can do a world of good for you.


The Most Important Time for Fixing Ancestor Karma

“If you miss taking care of your ancestors on a regular basis, the best time is Mahalaya. Your ancestors will be on the earth plane for 15 consecutive days. 

This time is the most important time for all the Yogis – they do not want to miss this and they recommend that common people take advantage because during this time you can completely change your fortune. 

In India, this science is fully developed. Every day of Mahalaya has a special energy that affects either your health, your money, or your relationship. You can do an Ancestor feeding ritual which can set right the areas that you need to improve on, and areas that can be addressed only on one of the days of Mahalaya.”

– Dr. Pillai


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