Two Powerful Ways To Bring Prosperity

Global Prosperity

Right now there are people all around the world who are suffering due to poverty and lack. These people represent an archetype within all of us, as we are all ONE. We must eradicate this poverty consciousness from the collective to make the Golden Age available to all.

In order to accomplish this, we have to first understand what poverty is. According to Dr. Pillai, poverty is a dis-ease of the brain. He has developed a systematic approach to pinpoint poverty in different parts of the brain, and change it through the use of simple sounds.

One such sound is Shreem BrzeeTM. Dr. Pillai calls Shreem BrzeeTM “the ultimate sound for unlimited wealth and abundance”.

These sound technologies are used throughout Dr. Pillai’s Tripura HoPE centers, yielding TREMENDOUS results.

Proving they can successfully abolish poverty for individuals and the planet, Tripura Foundation has become a pioneer in its field. Through the use of their brain-changing science, they have helped to produce engineers, college graduates, and community leaders from children and families who came from the WORST poverty conditions imaginable. Tripura’s HoPE centers have demonstrated their ability to confront poverty head-on, and have given the global community the most effective charity model to date.

Tripura HoPE centers

The Challenge

As we kick off this first year of the Golden Age, every moment represents an opportunity to transform our own reality and by collectively chanting shreem brzeeTM, not only do we manifest change in our own situation... we effect change on a global scale.

Join The Challenge:
'30 Million Shreem BrzeeTMs' for Global Prosperity

Become one of the 1,796 catalysts bringing the power of Shreem BrzeeTM to the world!

Till date, we have collectively chanted Shreem BrzeeTM 47,094,088 times.

How To Chant

  • Create a clear intention of what you would like to manifest. Commit to chanting daily for the duration of the Challenge.
  • Set aside a specific place or time for chanting, or chant anytime, anywhere as part of your daily routine.
  • Chant it aloud, silently or even mentally. Dr. Pillai calls subtle chanting as more profound.
  • Chant it with family, or in a group with friends or colleagues. Dr. Pillai recommends group chanting as more powerful.

How To Take Part

1) Register for the Challenge.Start Now >>

2) Chant SHREEM BRZEETM any number of times every day.

3) Enter your daily count of SHREEM BRZEETM. Submit Here >>

4) Share your miracles. Tell Us >>

Your Turn to Share

Your thoughts and actions are extremely important to shape and co-create a global mindset of 'Prosperity for All'. Please share your Shreem BrzeeTM stories and miracles.



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