Ignite Creativity and Remove Curses Interactive Fire Lab on November 19th

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“Bhairava means the principle of creation, maintenance, and dissolution. He is the totality of time – the beginning, the middle, and the end. Bhairava is Shiva himself, who gives the supreme understanding of all possibilities of human consciousness. It is related to time because the faster time moves, the faster the mind moves. It should be incredibly fast, and Bhairava instantly manifests things for you.” ~ Dr. Pillai

This Interactive Fire Lab will be performed during 8th Waning Moon phase, a time to connect with some of the intense qualities of the divine. The Moon will be in Ashlesha, a star of comforts and mystical power. This fire prayer will invoke Kala Bhairava, archetype of time management, in his form as Asitanga Bhairava. Asitanga Bhairava is sometimes depicted standing with four arms, holding a rosary (mala), a water pot, a twisted dagger and a small cup. He faces the eastern direction and his vehicle is a white swan. Asitanga Bhairava can enhance creative abilities and grant success with projects and activities. In addition, he is regarded as one who can relieve afflictions from curses. Today’s Fire Lab is will invoke immediate blessings from Asitanga Bhairava to improve creativity and to remove problems from curses.

Join us LIVE for the Interactive Fire Lab on Tuesday, November 19th at 4:00 AM PST / 12 Noon UTC / 5:30 PM IST

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