"You cannot manifest that which you cannot conceive." Dr. Pillai

What is the PTP structure?

Dr. Pillai 's Personal Transformation Program is a series of 12 monthly topics and corresponding workbook with 12 lessons. Throughout every month, one of the topics will be viewed repeatedly, and the corresponding lesson with assignments will be worked on.

The presentation contains both the philosophy and practice for the month's topic. Dr. Pillai gives a teaching of the monthly topic, explains the meaning and significance of the mantra for the month, and then leads a guided meditation to energize the mantra with his energies and blessings.

The corresponding workbook contains a worksheet to help clarify monthly goals, and gives practical techniques to use the mantra of the month to empower your monthly goal.

What are the PTP topics?

Month 1-Physical Appearance and Personality
Enhance your physical, psychological and soul beauty.
Month 2-Finances
Acquire new forms of knowledge about finance and creating money.
Month 3-Risk-Taking
Develop an extra-ordinary consciousness and courage.
Month 4-Material Comforts
Manifest the home and car of your dreams.
Month 5-God
Empower yourself with a personal connection with God.
Month 6-Health, Enemies, Debts and Litigation
Counteract principles of negativity.
Month 7-Relationships
Fulfill your desire for meaningful relationships.
Month 8-Obstacles and Longevity
Solve unforeseen difficulties, obstacles and obstruction of energy.
Month 9-Compassion and Grace
Seek compassion to earn the grace of God.
Month 10-Professions
Contemplate business opportunities that combine fulfillment and money.
Month 11-Profit
Assess the market of a business opportunity and ascertain the potential profit.
Month 12-Enlightenment
Reclaim your true nature and realize your unity with God.

What FAQS are there for each month's topic?

Month 1 - Physical Appearance and Personality
Month 2 - Finance
Month 3 - Risk-Taking
Month 4 - Material Comforts
Month 5 - God
Month 6 - Health, Enemies, Debt and Litigation
Month 7 - Relationship
Month 8 - Obstacles and Longevity
Month 9 - Compassion and Grace
Month 10 - Profession
Month 11 - Profit
Month 12 - Enlightenment
General PTP FAQs

Month 1 - Topic: Physical Appearance and Personality

Q. -For my monthly goal, can I select a health problem as the body trait that I am working on?
A. It is fine to work on a health problem as long as it relates directly to our physical appearance. This is because the mantra for the month is targeting changes in the structure of our appearance, so we can maximize the use of the mantra.

Q. -What is the difference between a health problem and a body trait?
A. Bronchial asthma is a health problem. Excess fat at the tummy would be an example of a body trait. Facial acne would be an example of a health problem and a body trait.

Q. -I want to lose thirty pounds. Is this realistic as my monthly goal?
A. Losing thirty pounds in a month would be counter- productive to your heath. Remember, we need to take the weight off gradually and then leave it off permanently. The overall goal is to challenge our reality in a natural, progressive, achievable manner. Perhaps a more realistic goal would be to lose five pounds, and then you can build upon that success.

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Month 2 - Topic: Finance

Q. -I would like to make $7,000 per month, but now I am making only $1,000 a month. What amount is a realistic goal? Do I need to have a plan to achieve my goal?
A. Take a calendar and plot a realistic timeline indicating progressive increases in income over time until your goal of $7,000 is achieved. A more realistic initial goal would be to try to double your income within ninety days. Return to your income plan occasionally to see how you are doing. Make adjustments to your plan as needed. The very act of putting your attention on the plan will enhance your personal power to manifest the goal. We become what our attention is on. The mantra for the month will energize the thought of the increased income level, and will spontaneously attract opportunities towards us.

Q. -Do I need to have a plan to achieve my goal?
A. A plan will help focus your attention. It will create a pathway through which your goals can more easily be manifested. Be sure your plan is flexible. Allow room for the Divine to help you manifest your goal.

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Month 3 - Topic: Risk-Taking

Q. -What is a risk?
A. We all have a fantasy of what we would like our life to be and for each of us it is a little different. It can be related to finances, relationships, contributions to society or any positive activity that is fulfilling to us. A risk is a step towards manifesting our most grandiose fantasies. We take the step from the known to the unknown. The unknown is the field of all possibilities where miracles happen. Example: "I want to leave my job to begin a new business."

Q. -I have many risks I would like to take. How do I select just one?
A. Sit quietly. Now ask yourself what one risk would produce the greatest transformation in your life. Then ask yourself how you can best prepare yourself to take the risk. For example, if you want to leave your job and begin a business, do you have enough money saved up to support yourself for the first 6 months? How do I create this money? Is my plan realistic? Does the business have potential? In other words, give yourself a reality- check. When you are comfortable with your answers, then you are ready to take the risk.

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Month 4 - Topic: Material Comforts

Q. -What is meant by the "traits" of the home and car of my dreams?
A. By traits, we mean that every object has certain characteristics or qualities that sets it apart from other objects. The house you are imagining may be a Santa Fe style adobe with inlaid blue and white ceramic tiles and a kitchen that looks off across eucalyptus trees to the ocean in the distance. You can smell the jasmine in the garden. These are all traits of the image of the house.

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Month 5 - Topic: God

Q. -What is the easiest way for me to relate to God?
A. God is unique to each person. God can take any form. There is a particular form that is most easy for us to love. God can be a father, friend, or mother, lover or any other form you can easily focus on. Your heart knows your favorite form to relate to.

Q. -I never thought about God in the context of a personal relationship. How do I relate to a personal God?
A. God has both personal and impersonal aspects. It is easier to relate to God in a localized form. God lives in your heart. Imagine God in a form that is most charming to you. If you put loving attention on that form, then the relationship with your personal God will blossom.

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Month 6 - Topic: Health, Enemies, Debt and Litigation

Q. -How many negative forces should I select for my monthly goal?
A. God manifests through attention. If we choose too many negative forces to work on, the focus of our attention will become diffused. You can select up to three negative forces that have the greatest affect upon every area of your life.

Q. -My daughter has not been well. Could I use this month's mantra to help her?
A. Mantras by their very nature are personal tools. So meditating for the other person would not be beneficial. The very fact that you are using the mantra for month 6 will create a more positive environment within you. This will directly benefit your daughter.

Q. -I really love my dog and he is ill lately. Could this month's mantra be used to cure animals as well as humans?
A. Again, the mantra is a personal vehicle for transformation. It would not be of benefit.

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Month 7 - Topic: Relationship

Q. -I am already in a personal relationship, what should I focus on?
A. By nature, relationships are an ever-evolving process. Both parties are constantly adapting to the changing requirements of their partners. Ask yourself if you are living for the other person. Are you trying to cover up differences or to control your partner? Identify the goals and ambitions that you have in common and work together to manifest them.

Q. -If I am not in a relationship, how do I select my goal for the month?
A. Your goal may be to identify qualities in potential partners that are compatible with your own. You may wish to ask yourself just what it means to live for the other person.

Q. -What if I am not looking for a personal relationship? How does this teaching apply to me?
A. The theme for month 7 is not limited to romantic relationships. It applies to all areas of our life. Life is really a series of relationships. The goal of month 7 could relate to business contacts, family, friends, or even the relationship you have with yourself. You can always seek to focus on the common goals and ambitions you have with others, rather than your differences.

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Month 8 - Topic: Obstacles and Longevity

Q. -How are the goals for month 8 different from the goals for month 6?
A. Month 6 is focused more specifically on negativity manifesting in the form of debts, enemies, and health. Month 8 deals with resistance or delays we encounter when manifesting our desires.

Q. -Do I need to have a goal both for an obstacle and for a health problem?
A. No, it is perfectly acceptable to have a goal for only one aspect.

Q. -Is there anything I can do in addition to saying the mantra each month to accelerate my growth?
A. Be consistent in your practice and avoid the negative mind. It is your ego which limits God's blessings. It sets boundaries on your manifestation. Have unshakable faith in the outcome. Say to yourself, " No is not an option. I must have my manifestation now".

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Month 9 - Topic: Compassion and Grace

Q. -I don't understand what it means to surrender to God. Please explain.
A. What stops us from surrendering is our ego. Our ego creates barriers. It creates conditions. It distracts us from unconditional surrender to the Divine will. The grip of the ego can be broken through compassionate service to our fellow man.

Q. -There are so many people and places that need help. Where do I start?
A. The simplest, most immediate way to help others is in your everyday interactions. Become aware of the needs of those around you. Become compassionate. Extend your awareness to your local community. See what you are drawn to. You could volunteer time or money and make a difference in someone's life. Become pro-active in the cause to alleviate human suffering.

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Month 10 - Topic: Profession

Q. -I am a computer programmer now and I want to be an investment banker. Is this a realistic goal? Is it a good goal?
A. There is nothing wrong with your goal but it would be good to ask yourself some reality-based questions. Do you have any training or experience in this area? Do you have enough money saved up to support yourself for a year while your new career develops? What are the chances of your success? Perhaps a transition period where you keep your computer job and pursue investment banking in the evenings would be more sensible.

Q. -I've wanted to change my career for years. How will this mantra help me to finally make this happen?
A. You were attracted to your old job because of past karma. You came into this birth desiring to do what you are doing now. But now, you have either outgrown it or have satisfied the desire. By removing the old karma, you open up to new possibilities.

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Month 11 - Topic: Profit

Q. -What is the difference between the goal for Month 10 and the goal for Month 11?
A. Month 10 helps us to find a way to break the karmic cycle that traps us in our current job. Month 11 helps us to manifest alternate streams of income.

Q. -Can a profit-making opportunity be a job?
A. Yes, it may be that a profit-making venture may require a career change, particularly pertaining to a job where you can increase your income based on your performance, as in sales. Just make sure you have a plan to support yourself during the change.

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Month 12 - Topic: Enlightenment

Q. -I don't know what enlightenment is. What kind of goal do I select for the month?
A. No one can "understand" enlightenment. It cannot be understood through regular human thinking and reasoning. Yet the path to enlightenment employs the same mechanics of creation as other objects in the world. We have an intention such as, "I am attaining enlightenment" and we apply continual attention to it. You don't have to understand enlightenment to set your goal.

Q. -I believe in God, but I don't think I can attain sainthood.
A. You live in the field of all possibilities. Through God's grace, you can attain sainthood, or a state of evolution where you live to serve the world. Don't entertain any doubt!

Q. -How can I use the 2 mantras for the month?
A. Once a day, view the meditation portion of topic 12. Dr. Pillaichants the mantras for you.

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General PTP FAQs

Q. How can I purchase the PTP series?
A. Currently the PTP series is out of stock. We hope to have DVD sets available again soon.

Q. -What is the monthly goal?
A. It is the same as the prayer that you make during the daily awareness times. See the assignment sheets in the workbook for examples.

Q. -Do I work on the goals from the previous months?
A. Yes, it would be good to give some attention to the goals of the previous month. The priority should be given to the current month's goal. You can review the goals from previous months on a daily basis, just to maintain the attention.

Q. -Why do I practice the daily affirmation for finance with the beeping-watch every month?
A. The mind always forgets. The beeper will automatically bring our awareness to our financial affirmation. Financial karma can be the most persistent form of karma.

Q. -Is it necessary to use the recording every time I want to say the mantra?
A. No, it is perfectly acceptable to think the mantra to ourselves or to chant it. The benefit of the recording is that when Dr. Pillaichants the mantra for us, the mantra becomes more powerful.

Q. -What is the optimal time to do the mantra each day? Is there a minimum amount of time that will ensure real progress?
A. Each topic mantra is about twenty minutes in length. That is a good standard to go by. So practice the mantra for twenty minutes daily. Even repeating the mantra for one minute will have an effect. Do what is comfortable. Being regular in your practice will ensure progress.

Q. -Does it make a difference when I say the mantra each day?
A. Morning and evening after a shower is best. This is not a hard and fast rule. Faith, sincerity and intention are more important to the practice than when we practice.

Q. -Do I need to follow the topics in order?
A. For maximum results, the Personal Transformation Program was specially designed to be viewed in sequence. There may be specific circumstances where viewing a topic out of sequence would be acceptable. For instance, you may only be on topic 2 of the series but because of a problem in your personal relationship, you may wish to view topic 7 on Relationships. For optimal results, follow the program closely.

Q. What happens if I don't achieve my goal for the month?
A. Continue to the next month. Your previous month's goal will continue to manifest even if the goal is not fully achieved within that month. Every day, once a day, you can continue to put your attention on the previous months' goals to further enhance the manifestation. You should try to select short-term goals that can realistically be achieved in about four months.

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