Earth Incense (100 Sticks)

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Planet Earth Herbal Incense

This hand rolled incense made with a proprietary blend of natural healing herbs. Light it any day, any time, as much as you like, in order to propitiate our Mother Planet and to create a nurturing environment.


(CI) Gracelight Empowerment: DVD Set Gates 1 to 9

(CI) Grace Light Empowerment – DVD Set Gates 1-9 This 3 disc set includes guided demonstrations for opening all 9-Gates of the subtle body and receiving full Grace Light empowerment and allowing you to become a “giver” of the light. It also contains a personal practice CD with guided meditations designed to help you experience the benefits of Grace Light daily in all areas of your life. Experience

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Crystal Shiva Lingam - Medium Size (21 to 25 gm)

Crystal Shiva Lingam - Medium Size (21 to 25 gm)

Take advantage of the “Windows of Time” that when open are most favourable and supportive to “Bust Your Karma”. An Anointing/Hydration Ritual/Abishekam to the Shiva Lingam performed at these special times helps to dissolve your karma. It is beneficial to do this ritual anytime however it has more potency and effect during daily Pradosham time or of course on the 13th Moon Phase.

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Rose Quartz Mala

These malas were energized in a Full Moon Fire Lab to invoke the Archetypal Feminine. The rose quartz is considered the "love stone". It promotes love, compassion and forgiveness and is often associated with Archetypal Being Saraswati (associated with intelligence, higher learning, and artistic/musical talents). It also has a calming influence and helps clear negative, stored emotions such as anger, resentment, jealousy, and fear. You may wear it or use it to count recitations of sounds.

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Shreem Brzee: Prosperity Meditation by Dr. Pillai (20 Minutes)

Shreem Brzee: Prosperity Meditation by Dr. Pillai (20 Minutes) Dr. Pillai teaches that your five senses are the gateways to your consciousness. The simple Shreem Brzee meditation involves Dr. Pillai chanting the sound ‘Shreem Brzee’ continuously for around 20 minutes. With each chant, you need to imagine the sound being spoken into your sensory organs (eyes, ears, nostrils, and tongue).

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Sponsor Oil for Eternal Jyoti Lamp

Sponsor Oil for Eternal Jyoti Lamp An eternal flame is constantly kept lit at the Pillai Center in India to commemorate the principles of light and transcendence that we need to invoke in our lives. This is in honor of the enlightened saint Ramalingam who merged with Jyoti (divine light) and attained the immortal body of light and grace. Oil signifies love and reverence for the divine. Donating oil is said to bring great blessings to brighten up all areas of your life.

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