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Pillai Center Programs

Bridge The Gap Between Theoretical Learning And
Practical Transformation

Welcome to Pillai Center Programs! We’re happy to see you are ready to benefit from Dr. Pillai’s extraordinary teachings and techniques in the most profound way. Allow us to present to you his powerful programs, already being used by thousands all over the world, designed to bring about practical transformation in any area of your life. All you have to do is choose one and get started!

Timeline Jumping

Discover this ancient art that can allow you access parallel destinies in a fraction of a second, and create your life momentby moment, using every second to you advantage. With this program, you’ll be shown how anything can happen at any given time!

Mini Light Body Program

Start your journey on the path of living light, and receive initiation into Dr. Pillai’s Core Light Body Technique. You’ll be rewarded with the highest spiritual bliss, thought-manifestation capabilities, and super intelligence. This is a structured program designed to create a 200% life – 100% material and 100% spiritual.

Millionaire Yoga

Experience a unique, body, mind and brain-training program, designed to activate key parts of the brain used predominantly by millionaires, and extremely successful people. This is an all-inclusive wealth-creating, money manifesting program that can give you total financial freedom, all-around success, and the secrets of how to use your emotions to manifest.


Millionaire Yoga Lite

If you’re not ready to take on the full Millionaire Yoga Program yet, but would like to boost your finances, this is the place to start. You’ll receive the foundational training to activate the Millionaire’s brain and create prosperity consciousness with powerful teachings and techniques from Dr. Pillai to do just that.

New You

Wipe the slate clean with this powerful combination of Yogic techniques designed to melt away your old karma. Whether it’s unrelenting negative thoughts, self-limiting patterns, afflicted health, finances, relationship, of spiritual experiences, you’ll be able to take what you learn in this program to make all the negatives in your life positives.

Quantum MindScience

Go beyond the realm of the physical world, and discover how to use your mind over matter. This is the program where you’ll learn how to master your mind, and develop your true wealth, your consciousness. You’ll be shown how to tap into what Dr. Pillai calls the ‘particle mind’ and harness your innate your ability to consciously create any aspect of your life.