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How It Works

About Goodness Wins

During Dr. Pillai’s 2015 New Year’s message, he announced his new initiative ‘Goodness Wins’ to make select personal transformational programs available for free, or for a donation amount of your choice: “We are going to change the world through goodness. I want to offer a set of programs, very valuable programs, for free.

If you can afford to give money to the Tripura Foundation, however little money it is, we are taking care of the education of the children in the United States, mostly in India, and Mexico, and to sustain it, we need your help.”

What Your Donation Supports

By donating to Goodness Wins, you will be directly helping impoverished children all over the world to receive Dr. Pillai’s brain-enhancing education called ‘Phonemic Intelligence’, a technology that has been shown to activate the anterior cingulate – a multi-functional part of the brain that that regulates our mental, emotional, and social well-being. For this reason, Phonemic intelligence has been shown to effectively counteract the negative conditioning of poverty on the brain within minutes.

Data shows that when this simple technique is practiced consistently over time it promotes:

Improved academic performance
Greater emotional intelligence
Reduction in behavioral issues
Increase in confidence and self-esteem

How To get Started

Get started in 4 easy steps

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    Make sure to check back as new programs will continue to be added in the future.

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    Choose your donation amount

    You can leave at ‘0’ to use the program for free, or enter a donation amount. Donation values are as follows:

    • $10 supports 1 child
    • $100 supports 1 school
    • $300 supports 1 HoPE Center
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    Select recurring or one-time

    Choose whether you’d like to support the children each month regularly, or on a one-time basis.

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    Start using the program

    Once you have completed the donation process, you’ll get immediate access to your program.

Available Goodness Wins Programs

Millionaire Yoga Lite

Millionaire Yoga Lite, a unique, one-of-kind brain empowerment program that will lead you step by step to activate the Millionaire’s Brain. Taught by an Enlightened Master, the program will consist of special sound frequencies and advanced conceptualization techniques used by Yogic scientists to stimulate, strengthen, and awaken ordinarily more dormant parts of the brain.

Please click here to access Millionaire Yoga Lite from our new Academy.

Phonemic Intelligence Lite

Pl is a brain competency enrichment program that uses select phonemic sounds to activate key parts of the brain for learning and intelligence. PI Lite focuses on the application of a partial PI Core Technique and ways to inspire consistent, daily practice of this 10 minute transformational technology. The phonemes (sounds) used in Pl are applicable for all age groups and can yield results in all areas of life.