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To Decode The Power Sounds To Change Your Life

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Who Is Dr. Pillai?

Dr. Pillai is an International Speaker and World Thought Leader who is deeply committed to helping people across the globe make the shift in consciousness from a life of limitation to a life unlimited.

Dr. Pillai is the most progressive and innovative source of self-advancement knowledge . . .




His Guests


Judge Shlomo Shoham (ret.) served as the first Commissioner for Future Generations and as a legal advisor to the Constitution Law and Justice Committee in the Israeli Parliament.

Shoham was a lecturer in the Law Faculties of the Universities of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Bar Ilan on range of subjects on Human Rights and Criminal Law. He also taught Emotional Intelligence at . . .


Eliana Gilad is a motivational speaker, teacher, composer, performer and founder of Voices of Eden Ancient Healing and Transformational Music. Born in the US, Gilad left for France in 1991 and moved to Israel in 1994, dedicating her life's work to revive the conscious use of voice and rhythm as natural healing instruments, such was used in ancient matriarchal . . .


Doron Libshtein – CEO Mentor’s Channel
In 2004 my vision was to bring the personal growth to the masses, I felt that 14 years in senior positions at Microsoft prepared me to bring the technology and infrastructure that allows people to improve their wellbeing anywhere, anytime and on any device. I have the privilege to work with the best mentors in the world and I am full of gratitude for that, I also have the privilege of working with an amazing team that works days and nights improving the lives of millions



During His Groundbreaking Hangout Dr. Pillai Will Share
The 5 Steps To Extracting Power From Sounds


Uncover the mysteries around the power of sound, it’s history and origin within the Jewish & Yogic traditions


Understand the Science behind the Wisdom Gene and how you can activate it within you


Decode the meaning of sounds that can transform your DNA to achieve higher intelligence and success


Identify the power sounds you need to transform every area of your life


Activate these Ancient Sounds to experience a new reality


Take An 8 Week Journey With Dr. Pillai
To Decode The Power Sounds To Change Your Life

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"The Sounds Give By Dr. Pillai Are Transforming My Life In Every Way..."

I have been practicing some of Dr. Pillai’s mid-brain activation techniques for some time now. When I use these sounds in the mid-brain, I can feel all my attention go to the center of my head as if that’s all that exists. My thoughts shut down, my breathing comes almost to a stop, and I feel a profound sense of mental peace and clarity. The deeper I take the sounds the more I have noticed myself as just an observer of the world around me. The result has been... Read More


"My Life Has Transformed In One Year More Than I Could Ever Imagine..."

Working with the secret sound frequencies given to me by Dr. Pillai my life has transformed more in one year than I could ever have imagined. Everything in my life from my business, my relationships and my spirituality have evolved and are continuing to evolve at light speed by working with these sounds. I am amazed at how powerful... Read More


See What Others Say About Dr. Pillai’s Techniques

“Dr. Pillai's techniques have literally helped me create an entirely new life in every way! Before using these techniques I was depressed and suicidal, working minimum wage jobs with a bank account always running on empty, involved in destructive relationships and living with no sense of life purpose.

After using Dr. Pillai's techniques, I'm the director of 5 companies and manage international operations, I'm the global director of an expanding non-profit now serving many thousands of the poorest children, I'm the sole owner of a personal transformation company in Singapore and have a youtube channel with 300 teaching videos, I have a dream relationship where we work for a common Mission in perfect harmony, I live in a multimillion dollar home decorated like a 5-star hotel, and I travel around the world doing work that is 100% fulfilling for myself and powerfully transformative for hundreds of thousands of people.”

~Elaine Kueper, Singapore

“I received a technique from Dr. Pillai to activate an area of my brain that was related to omniscience, or all-knowingness. Within a short amount of time of practice over a couple of days, I found myself beginning to "know" things about specific business and personal situations that I could not perceive before. I received insight into my relationships and the upper hand in understanding complex business situations.”

~Ann B., Albany, NY

“Dr. Pillai's manifesting techniques are ultra powerful. Many years ago, I used Dr. Pillai's technique for Material Comfort from His Personal Transformation Program and was able to manifest a 2-story house in 4 months. Years later, I followed Dr. Pillai's teaching to work with the seed sound "SHREEM" to attract wealth and material comforts, and was blessed with the manifestation of a larger and more beautiful house.”

~Vijay, Singapore

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