Energized and Framed Horse Shoe

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The energized Horse Shoe is known as an effective remedy for those experiencing the unfavorable influence of Saturn in one’s birth chart. It can benefit you, especially if you are undergoing Sade Sati, which is the 7 and ½ year period of Saturn, or Ashtama Shani, when Saturn is in the 8th house from one’s Moon sign, or Shani Dasa, which is the major period of Saturn, or Shani Bhukti, which is the minor period of Saturn.

Horse Shoe works on the spiritual principle that any object acquires the consciousness of its owner, when used for a long duration of time. This Horse Shoe, when fixed on the main door of the house as an upturned arch, is said to have the power to absorb the negativity and dissolve any bad fortune which a person may be experiencing due to Saturn’s adverse impact.
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