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Miracle School

Unless there is a miracle, it is impossible to change your life. And miracles are not in the domain of Gods. It is in your own domain. It is how you are going to connect your brain to the stars.
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February Interactive Fire Rituals

The Most Evolved Spiritual Technique Found in Ancient Traditions All Over the World. Your intentions and prayers will be magnified by the participation and prayer of fellow group fire lab members.
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Dr. Pillai’s Bday Trip 2017

Have you been yearning for a deeper, more profound connection to spirit? Are you ready for a major spiritual and material transformation that can activate your highest purpose? Join Dr. Pillai's exclusive birthday retreat to immerse yourself in the most life-changing sacred spaces in India,...
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Karthigai Somavaram: 4 Karma-Clearing Shiva Mondays

Shiva’s transformative energy to absolve sins, rejuvenate mind and body, and enjoy a prosperous life is abundantly available during the Tamil month of Karthigai (mid–November to mid–December). According to the scriptures, during this sacred month, Shiva revealed himself as infinite fire.
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Month of Savings

Gift yourself or your loved ones with ways to remove karma, gain wealth consciousness, create or improve relationships, and live a more enlightened life.
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