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Shiva’s Debt Clearance Super 11 Mondays – Aug. 29, 2022

Runa Vimochana Lingeshwarar is the name of Shiva at a 2000-year-old sacred energy vortex where Shiva’s debt clearance energy is available in abundance. Runa means ‘debt’ and Vimochana means ‘relief’, and hence worshipping Shiva here on 11 consecutive Mondays, his auspicious power time, can bestow...
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Join Dr. Pillai for a LIVE Pentecost Webcast

Pentecost Webcast Join Dr. Pillai for a LIVE Pentecost Webcast on June 4th at 8:00am PDT | 3:00pm UTC Pentecost: A Global Power Day LIVE Webcast & Ceremonies to Honor The Advent of the Holy Spirit and Karuppaswamy Learn More “Until now you have not...
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Health & Prosperity Ceremony

The combination of the powerful chanting and fire ritual can invoke the combined preserver and destroyer energies of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva to remove fear, overpower untimely death and bestow roga nivarana (get rid of diseases) and longevity blessing.
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Shreem Brzee Specials

With consistent use, this mantra can destroy all forms of scarcity from your consciousness. Chanting the Shreem Brzee mantra regularly can shift your vibration to that of wealth, beauty, and complete inner and outer abundance.
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