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Pillai Center’s Valentine’s Month Sale

Relationships are a powerful emotional bond we all experience on this earthplane. Everyone desires to have mutual and healthy relationships, whether professional, love, or business. A supportive relationship is fundamental for a happy, peaceful, and fulfilling life. Bad or broken relationships may result from karma...
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Valentine’s Day: Ideal Day To Fix Your Love

This Valentine's Day, February 14th, Venus, the 'Love Planet' is in the sign Sagittarius along with Mars who is another important planet for relationship. In the Natural Zodiac, Venus is the Lord of the 2nd and 7th houses and Sagittarius in the 9th house. According...
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March Grand Fire Lab: Fortune-Bestower Golden Ganesha

On the 4th Moon Day, when the energy of Ganesha is available in abundance, Pillai Center will be performing a Grand Fire Lab to Haridra Ganapati, along with chanting of his sacred hymn Ganesha Bhujangam and Ganesha Ashtottara (108 names of Ganesha) Pooja to invoke...
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