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Compassion Quote of the Day
"What can give you instantaneous evolution, and subtlization of your consciousness, is the act of kindness for another soul."

- Dr. Pillai
Compassion vs Meditation | Which is
We are told by the enlightened Yogis and Siddhas that acts of compassion far outweigh the benefits of meditation.
Dr. Pillai, a fully enlightened Siddha master has been quoted saying that feeding someone who would die otherwise is comparable to meditating for several hundred years, eight hours a day, every day.
From this insight, we can gather that it is compassion that excels us down the path of Divinity in leaps and bounds, even more so than meditation…
That the ultimate goal of meditation, which is to reach a state of Enlightenment, can be achieved by something as simple, yet profound, as helping someone else in need.
Compassion and the Light Body
Swami Ramalingam, a widely recognized Siddha master of Southern India, documented by the British for turning his body into light in 1874, attributed compassion as the key element in creating the light body.
He shared that when you perform acts of compassion for others, it attracts the energy he called ‘grace light’ to enter and divinize the cells of your body, literally transmuting the physical body of matter into a body of energy, or light. In scientific terms, this is similar to Einstein’s equation E=MC2.
It says matter is fundamentally energy moving at a slow speed. The more energy, or light, the faster matter vibrates. Once it vibrates at a speed of the speed of light squared (MC2) it reverts back to its original form as energy, or light (E).
The Neurology of Compassion
In the Tamil language, grace light is called "Arul." Arul is associated with not only compassion, but the highest intelligence that is possible.
Modern science now agrees that compassion and higher intelligence are connected.
The center for compassion in our brain known as the anterior cingulate, houses a type of neuron called Von Economo neurons. These very special neurons were only recently discovered, and are four times larger than average brain cells. In addition to humans, they are found only in the most intelligence animals including dolphins, elephants and apes.
They facilitate rapid communication between brain cells, and are thought by some scientists to indicate the evolution of intelligence.
Compassion stimulates the anterior cingulate and creates more Von Economo neurons within the brain, showing that there is indeed a direct correlation between compassion and higher intelligence.
Compassion-In-Action is a Corner Stone of Dr. Pillai's Teachings
In the light of modern science's latest findings, it's no wonder why Dr. Pillai, Swami Ramalingam, and many other great Saints teach that compassion is a key to human evolution.
Its why performing acts of compassion for other in need is a corner stone of Dr. Pillai's teachings. He affirms that it can indeed put us on a path of accelerated evolution, ending not only the suffering of others, but our own.
What is the spiritual connection to compassion and human evolution?
Compassion and the Divine (God/Supreme Intelligence/Ultimate Evolutionary State) are synonyms. In other words, the divine is compassion itself. When you perform acts of compassion, you literally become a living embodiment of the Divine.
The Legacy of Compassion-in-Action
It's no mistake that the greatest saints in history are associated with incredible compassion. They have left a legacy
of putting compassion into action with unwavering dedication to helping others in need.
There are four specific compassionate acts that they consider to be the greatest, and Dr. Pillai's humanitarian
organization, Tripura Foundation, facilitates each one. They are:
those suffering from
those lacking protection from the
education that can be used to
overcome suffering
Here are four ways you can start making a difference today, without spending any money:
Start a Fundraiser
Use a celebration, event, or special time to ask your friends and family to help you raise money. Whether it's for your birthday, graduation, or just because, you can take advantage of the attention to bring awareness to the need to help others. Dr. Pillai's Tripura Foundation can create a custom fundraiser just for you.
Donate Old Clothes
What no longer fits or suits you anymore could bring protection and warmth to someone exposed to the elements, or those whose clothes are falling apart but can't afford replacements. Go through your closet from time to time and collect what you could do without, or what you'd like to buy new, and take a trip to your local clothes collection site.
Volunteer Your Time
You time is valuable, and needed by those who are less fortunate. Time spent helping someone is time well spent. There are many opportunities to donate your time, whether that's volunteering to feed others at your local soup kitchen, helping to take care of elderly people, or just lending a hand to someone in need - check your local newspapers and ask around your community to find out how you can get involved.
Love Unconditionally
This is possibly the greatest teaching given by Dr. Pillai: "Love one another unconditionally, and you'll be enlightened." Make it a habit to honor every person, every animal, every plant, and all aspects of life, but especially yourself. Loving unconditionally will manifest the divine within you and around you.
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