For Nine Nights of the Goddess 2019

Join Dr. Pillai for an Exclusive Temple Retreat in India to Commune with the Goddess of Supernormal Powers

Learn the Dynamics of Channeling Angali, Karuppasamy, Siddhas, the Holy Spirit & Mother Mary

October 1 – 8

Dr. Pillai has been divinely inspired to host this exclusive, first-of-its-kind retreat to initiate people into channeling Divine beings with the blessings of Goddess Angali. The retreat will be held in India from October 1 through October 8. It will include visits to powerful vortexes, and exclusive (but limited) in-person time with Dr. Pillai for special initiations. Spots are limited and will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Continue reading to learn more about:

  • Goddess Angali as revealed by Dr. Pillai
  • Karuppasamy, Siddhas, the Holy Spirit and Mother Mary
  • The Trip Temple Vortexes
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Who is Goddess Angali?

Goddess Angali is Mother Kali, the Mother Divine. She is associated with giving supernormal powers and the highest intelligence and wisdom. She belongs to the Satya Yuga, or the Golden Age. Her worship is a very, very powerful one, and I am bringing it back to society.

The Original Spiritual Tradition of Goddess Angali

There are two major traditions in India. One is the Brahmin or Brahmanic tradition which was not native to India; it is an Aryan tradition that was brought into India from somewhere in Central Asia. It merged with the local tradition, which is the Dravidian tradition, which is the tradition native to South India where I am from. The Angali tradition is native to this Dravidian tradition, the whole tradition. It was not embraced by the Aryan Brahmanic tradition, the tradition that came later on. It is not mainline Hinduism. Mainline Hinduism is more like the Protestant religion, more elite, but lacking substance. I personally side with the Angali tradition.

Goddess Angali Gives Easily

Goddess Angali is not sophisticated. She has no philosophy; she is pure consciousness. She can give you things without having to do any practice. You just pray to her, she is so full of compassion. All that you have to do is say, "Give me that," and she will give unlike other sophisticated, elite Goddesses. She likes simple people, she likes simple clothes, everything simple, because she is the Goddess of the poor people and also the Goddess of the highly enlightened Siddhas; they go to her for power.

What Happens When You Channel Goddess Angali

The idea behind it is you become the Goddess. You lose your consciousness, your human consciousness, and you become her consciousness – you become Angali.

What will happen is she will get into your body and activate your third eye to enable you to perform miracles like prophesying, healing, and all kinds of miracles.

Your consciousness will change; your human aspect will be suppressed; the Divine aspect will be promoted.

This can happen to anyone.

Goddess Angali Wants to Get into Your Body

Unfortunately, what has happened over a period of time is the tradition of channeling Goddess Angali has been pushed aside. However, she is coming back into this world. She wants to help humanity by getting into their bodies, solving their problems, and enabling them to experience miracles. I want to personally invite you on behalf of the Goddess to come to India with me and be benefited.

— Dr. Pillai


During the trip, with the blessings of Goddess Angali, Dr. Pillai will be initiating you into the dynamics of channeling different Divine beings, including Goddess Angali herself. Below you can read more details about the Divine beings in addition to the revelations given about Goddess Angali by Dr. Pillai in the previous section.

Lord Karuppasamy

Lord Karuppasamy has been revealed by Dr. Pillai as Kalki, the 10th avatar of Lord Vishnu. Dr. Pillai first discovered Karuppasamy while traveling in a village. He was guided to witness a channeling of this god by an ordinary villager. He watched as the villager performed miracle after miracle, including making the blind to see, the deaf to hear, and the dumb to speak. Since that time, Dr. Pillai has blessed others to channel Lord Karuppasamy

While he is typically considered a village god, Dr. Pillai has revealed he is actually a primordial god who is extremely powerful. He is believed to be a combination of the fierce gods Rudra, Narasimha, Kalabhairava, and Veerabhadra. Dr. Pillai calls him a "Performer" because he does not waste time in performing miracles when called upon.


Siddhas are considered as perfected beings who have attained a high degree of omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence. As Dr. Pillai has revealed, they get their power to perform miracles from the Goddess Angali. This power is a state of consciousness known as "Chit," or miracle-consciousness, hence the name they are referred to by "Siddhars," which comes from the word "Chittars." Siddhas are extremely compassionate, and said to act as intermediaries between God and humanity.

Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is considered to be the power of God. It was said that during the pentacostal event, the Holy Spirit descended on the apostles of Jesus, after which they were able to perform miracles.

Mother Mary

Mother Mary, also known as the Virgin Mary, is the Mother of Jesus Christ. She is associated with the Goddess Isis in the Egyptian pantheon, Parvati in the Vedic pantheon, and many miracles including the immaculate conception of Jesus. Some Orthodox Christians believe that after she passed, her body was resurrected and ascended into heaven just like Jesus. Even today, thousands of people are reporting miracles through her intervention.


According to the famous Angali and Agastya Siddha, Venkataraman, the enormous power of the great sacred spaces of our world is contained in even small shrines to Goddess Angali. You will have the opportunity to visit several of her sacred spaces with Dr. Pillai throughout this trip.

Below are the trip locations which Dr. Pillai intends on taking trip attendees to for initiation and empowerment. There is a chance there will be more or different locations revealed either closer to or during the trip itself as Dr. Pillai is inspired by the Divine.

Below you can find details about the current locations given by Dr. Pillai and the siddhas.

Royapuram Angala Parameshwari Temple

Melmalayanur Angalamman Temple

Unlike the temple at Royapuram, where the Goddess’s energy is more tranquil, at Melmalayanur the energy is much more intense. The reason can be understood by reading the mythology of how this temple came to be, which is related to that of Royapuram’s temple.

Once Lord Shiva cut off the head of Brahma, not only did it stick to his hand, but he also received a curse from Brahma’s consort, Saraswati, to wander the earth plane with it with no sleep, and hunger only quenched by bone.

She then cursed Parvati to also roam the earth plane, but as an ugly person attended only by demons. While Parvati was roaming, she met the sage Kapil in Thiruvanamalai who guided her to take a bath in the holy water there which relieved her curse.

She then came to Melmalayanur. Here, she created a snake hive and resided there as a five-headed snake. While here she gave her darshan to some fisherman and instructed them to worship her daily as she will save them and their future generations. The king at the time heard about the worship and tried to destroy the hive. Parvati stopped him and gave him her darshan also. The king then donated land to build her a temple here.

The story goes that one day, Lord Shiva, still afflicted with Brahma’s head and Saraswati’s curse, appeared in front of the temple and asked for food. Upon hearing his voice, Parvati became happy and invoked Vishnu to guide her on how to relive her husband’s curse.

Lord Vishnu advised her to create some tasty food and serve the first two parts to Brahma’s head, which was stuck to Shiva’s hand, then drop some on the floor by mistake, that way when the head comes down she should squeeze it.

She did as Lord Vishnu suggested. Once the head came down to eat the dropped food, she is said to have assumed a giant form as Angala Paramehswari. Then, with her right foot, she crushed Brahma’s head, finally freeing Lord Shiva from his curse.

Lord Shiva was so happy; it is said he went to Chidambaram to dance. Goddess Angali remained in Melmalayanur to bless her devotees.

Arunachala Temples

Mt. Arunachala is considered to be Lord Shiva in the form of fire. There are several temples in this area, two of which Dr. Pillai intends on taking you are below.
The first temple is the Arunachaleswarar temple. This temple in its current form is considered to be thousands of years old. It is believed at the beginning of creation, Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma once engaged in an argument about who the greatest of the two was. Lord Shiva was asked to be the judge. He said whomever can see my crown and feet is the greatest. He then transformed himself into a massive column of divine light called "jyothi," which touched both heaven and earth.
Lord Vishnu assumed the form of a boar and dug deep into the earth to find Lord Shiva’s feet. Eventually, he had to accept defeat as he could not find them. Lord Brahma took the form of a swan and ascended into the sky to find Lord Shiva’s crown. While flying, he saw a falling flower which had once been placed on Lord Shiva’s head. He asked the flower how long it had been falling, and the flower told him 40,000 years! Brahma realized he would not be able to reach the crown, so he asked the flower to lie and say he saw it. The flower did, and Lord Shiva became infuriated. He cursed Brahma that he would not have any temples on earth.
This place, where Lord Shiva became a column of fire to dissolve the ego, is known as Mt. Arunachala. Later, after prayers from Lord Vishnu and Brahma, Lord Shiva transformed himself from a column of fire into a Shivalingam at the foot of the mountain. This location, where the Shivalingam now resides, is the Arunachaleswarar temple.

The other temple Dr. Pillai intends on taking you to is a shrine dedicated to Goddess Kali where he likes to go, which is on the path people walk to circle the mountain.

Dr. Pillai's New Brzee Prayer Center

This prayer center was Divinely inspired directly through Dr. Pillai. It is located on Dr. Pillai’s own property in Chennai. Dr. Pillai had previously purchased the property with the intention of building a home on it in the future. However, in early 2019, Dr. Pillai was inspired to dedicate it to the Goddess Brzee.
It is the first Brzee prayer center in modern times, where a six-foot statue of the Goddess Brzee, which is made of a special clay, resides. However, even more recently, Dr. Pillai was inspired by the Goddess Angali to build her a seven-foot statue to reside there as well. It was consecrated during a special New Moon, which Dr. Pillai mentioned was something like a birthday for her. The timing was, according to Dr. Pillai, extremely relevant as the descent of Goddess Angali to help humanity.

Dr. Pillai was deeply involved in bringing both of these statues to life. They are extremely powerful, and very few people have had the opportunity to visit here in-person.

Meenakshi Temple

Karuppasamy Temple

Temple of a Thousand Suns

Adi Kumbeshwara Temple

This unique temple, located in Kumbakonam, has a powerful mythology behind it. Once, during the end of an age, Lord Brahma, the creator god, asked Lord Shiva where he should restart the creation from.

Lord Shiva advised him to create a pot and put into it sand collected from various locations, then float it on the water which now covered the world.

The pot eventually stopped at a place. Lord Shiva came and shot it with an arrow, and the nectar within the pot spread in all directions. Where the pot was shot, the nectar mixed with the sand and became a Shiva Lingam. It is this Shiva Lingam that the Adi Kumbeshwara temple is built around. The Lingam is worshipped as Shri Adi Kumbeshwara, a form of Lord Shiva.

His consort, the Goddess Parvati as "Sri Mangalambika," or the auspicious mother, also resides here.

According to Dr. Pillai and the siddhas, one of the unique features of this vortex is this Goddess’s power over mantras. It is said that Lord Shiva gave her 36 crores, or 10 million, of his mantra power, adding to her 36 crores. Thus, there are 72 crores, or 20 million mantra powers located here, under the control of the Goddess who is also called "Mantra Peeteshwari," or the Goddess of mantras.

Dr. Pillai has revealed that she will initiate you into the lasting power of a mantra, helping you install the mantra deep within.

Vishvamitra Temple

Vishvamitra is one of the most revered sages of ancient India. He is the discoverer of the Brzee mantra. He is also the author of the famous Sun Gayatri mantra of which it is said in the Puranas that only 24 rishis since antiquity have been able to understand the full meaning of, and thus wield its full power. Vishvamitra was said to be the first to be able to do so. He is the Guru of Rama, the 7th avatar of Vishnu. He initiated Rama into the use of Divine weaponry, all mantras, and also helped in uniting him with Sita, Rama’s consort.

The Vishvamitra temple at Vijayapati is considered to be the only temple in the world dedicated to him. A humble yet powerful temple, it is very much alive with Vishvamitra’s energy. Dr. Pillai and others have reported miracles while visiting. It was at this place where Vishvamitra was said to have meditated for thousands of years to attain the status of “Brahma Rishi” – the highest honor for a saint.

The story goes that once when Vishvamitra was still an emperor, he came across the sage Vashista while out with his army. He noticed Vashista’s special cow named Nandini, the daughter of the Divine cow, Kamadhenu. Anything that Vashista wished for Nandini would produce for him.

Vishvamitra wanted the cow and offered Vashista to trade for it. Vashista said he would not, that it was a gift from Lord Shiva. Vishvamitra then tried to take the cow by force and Nandini manifested an army that defeated him.

This is the moment when Vishvamitra realized that spiritual power is much greater than material power. He then set off on a long journey, filled with many trials and challenges, to attain the same status as Vashista, who was a Brahma Rishi.

It was at Vijayapati, the land of victory, where Vishvamitra finally gained his victory and powers.

This temple is where Lord Rama came with his brother, Lakshmana, to protect Vishvamitra’s fire ceremony in the Indian epic, Ramayana.


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  • 1.5 days of in-person experience with Dr. Pillai


Option 2: Goddess India Trip 2019 Exclusive Experience

October 1 – 8

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  • 3 days of in-person experience with Dr. Pillai


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"I have seen healing and financial miracles happen to me and through me."

If you had told me 10 years ago I would have been able to directly encounter an Archetype, a God, Goddess or Angel, I would have wanted that, but I would not know if that was actually possible for me. But thanks to Dr. Pillai, in my life the greatest achievement or miracle has been to one-on-one interaction with these Divine Beings, and it has totally changed my life.

I have seen healing and financial miracles happen to me and through me to other people. In the last couple of months, I have seen my material life exploding, wealth miracles, like I have never seen before. In my experience these Archetypes can do miracles not only in your life, but in the lives of people with whom we interact, whom we care about.

Sunny Dasgupta

"I was healed..."

The best miracle is that the chronic pain in my colon was healed on the very last day of the Trip! I no longer suffer the immense pain and discomfort and my levels of energy have come back.


"I have been forever transformed..."

I have been forever transformed from the trip with Dr. Pillai, being with the Master, the temples, the rituals, the vortices, everything. How do I even begin to put in words what took place on this spiritual journey with the Master? My beloved Mother said it best: I am happier and am now doing my prayers and meditations, and living in service as best I can. I am eternally grateful.


"The trip was like heaven on earth."

My first trip with Dr. Pillai was like ‘Heaven on Earth.’ Every day was filled with joy. The information that was imparted was the most Amazing Gift. I have had many group experiences, but not one can compare to this one! Every day was a miracle. I felt very loved and cared for.

Guru Priya

"More than words can express."

The experience was just the ultimate! It was way more than anticipated both in content and interaction with our Dr. Pillai. ‘Darshan’ with him is always worth more than any words can express. I am still reeling with ecstasy. The setting was perfect!


"This was a life-changing event for me."

I’m so very thankful to Dr. Pillai for his invaluable teachings. This was a life changing event for me. Dr. Pillai took me to a place or state in my consciousness I’d never been.


"My whole system reconfigured itself."

It was my first trip to India, and my first time for meeting Dr. Pillai as well and for many reasons, it was an auspicious time. I have been suffering from chronic low back pain for years; on this trip my back did not hurt at all. When I went to my Osteopath for a treatment, she said my whole system had re-configured itself. Thank you for an amazing trip to India. Since thanks is not enough, Namaste!


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