What is ‘Guru Purnima‘ – the Full Moon of the Guru?

The Moon generally speaking infuses your mind. The Full Moon rays especially bring down occult powers. The gurus descend down into the plane carrying supernatural powers. The Full Moon of the Guru happens once a year.

“In order to be totally transformed by The Guru, you have to look at The Guru as your own Higher Self, as your own God guiding you, and if you have the trust, then you are transformed.”

– Dr. Pillai

What is a Guru?

  • A Guru is a manifestation of God Consciousness on the earth plane.
  • A Guru is a creator who gives you the vision to realize your potential, a sustainer who guides you toward reaching a state of perfection, and a destroyer of ignorance (your negative karma).
  • A Guru symbolizes moral values, spirituality, and wisdom.
  • A Guru is a medium through which you can approach truth– the supreme reality.
  • A Guru is a teacher who can help you identify the blockages that impede the realization of your goals and guide you toward right thoughts and right action.

Guru Purnima Enlightenment Intensive
Retreat with Dr. Pillai

There is no more powerful time of year than Guru Purnima to be in the presence of your Guru. During the week of Guru Purnima 2017, Dr. Pillai will host a week-long Enlightenment Intensive Retreat for those who feel called to be in his physical presence at this incredible powertime.

During the retreat, Dr. Pillai will share in-the-Now teachings and meditations that can lead you to a deeper understanding of your Particle, Astral, and Causal Mind – thus allowing you to connect with, and learn to create from, your subtle Light Body and even subtler Causal Body, which is the most efficient tool in solving your physical problems and achieving your deepest desires.

About these teachings, Dr. Pillai says:

“Particles in the atoms move so fast. Can you catch up with them? You can, if you particle-ize your DNA and the neural net in your body-mind. I want to share with you my current understanding of the human-body-mind and soul secrets. Understanding and experiencing this teaching will transform your worldly and spiritual life. I chose the Day of the Guru to teach these secrets to you.”

Overview of Dr. Pillai’s Guru Purnima Intensive Retreat Teachings

Dr. Pillai’s Guru Purnima Intensive Retreat teachings will focus on five main themes, through which he will give you the vision to realize your potential, guide you toward the achievement of a state of perfection, and aid you in the destruction of ignorance (your negative karma).

The themes Dr. Pillai will focus on are:

1) Your Particle & Subtle Air Life (SOUND)

Dr. Pillai guides you through an activation of your midbrain’s healing centers using sounds and mind processes which shift your identity to your higher self, and induce the secretion of the ‘elixir of immortality’ (amrita) from your midbrain, to heal your entire body/mind.

2) God, Inside & Outside Your Body

In the Indian tradition, there are millions of Gods, each in charge of certain activities both within your body and without. Inside you, they oversee your health, your wealth, your karmic experiences, and more. On the outside, they are in charge of worldly events, finances, governance of countries, wars, peace, and so on. A yantra is a copper plate inscribed with the mantra of a certain God or Goddess, and is the most powerful way of invoking a particular God or Goddess in your life, because it serves as a receiver for that deity’s energy. During the retreat, you will be given yantras for certain deities, as well as instructions on how to use them.

3) You & Your Karma

Karma is what life is about – it is woven throughout everything you think and do, your health, your relationships, your wealth, and more. You can cleanse your karma with a better understanding of how the planets, time, and karma work together. During the retreat, Dr. Pillai will share in-depth teachings on how you can transform your destiny with a better understanding of how time and the planets affect your karma.

4) You & Your Astral and Causal Bodies

People such as Bill Gates and Albert Einstein, who have had incredible success in their fields, have used their astral mind to achieve their success. Accessing their astral mind becomes part of their daily thinking. Everyone has access to his/her astral and causal mind-body, but most people only end up living their physical body reality. According to Dr. Pillai’s most recent findings, your astral and causal bodies can help you solve your physical problems in a dramatic way within a short period of time – or even no time at all.

5) You & God Consciousness

The path of devotion is the easiest way to melt the heart of God. In full devotion, you surrender your body, mind, and soul to God. Your ego is erased, and in its place, there is only Love for God. This is the most blissful existence. Ego can be the hardest reality to deal with in achieving full devotion though. During his Guru Purnima Enlightenment Intensive Retreat, Dr. Pillai will transmit darshan (his energy of divine grace) to you in person, to help you in shedding your ego and attaining devotional union with God Consciousness.

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  • Bonus: Pre-recorded Full Moon of the Guru preparatory call with Dr. Pillai
  • Shreem Brzee In-person Group initiation with Dr. Pillai

Important Hotel Information

Pillai Center is pleased to announce we will be spending the Full Moon of the Guru Retreat with Dr. Pillai at a beach hotel in beautiful San Diego, CA. If you plan to attend the retreat please reserve your room ASAP. There is a limited number of rooms available at discounted room rates for our group. They will be given on first come first serve basis and all room rates will expire on June 14.

* 1 day retreat on June 8th, 9 am to 11 pm PT

* To find a roommate we will add you to the Private Full Moon of the Guru 2017 Facebook group after you register for the event.

Dr. Pillai’s Full Moon of the Guru
Enlightenment Intensive Retreat