Mystery School III


Owning Gods, Angels, and Saints

Accelerate the Union of the Human and the Divine

“It is my earnest desire that some of the participants will evolve themselves to do miracles through the Grace of Gods, Angels and God-men. If you surrender to God, He will surrender to you and be your slave.”
Dr. Pillai

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“Mystery School III is about owning Gods, Angels and Saints. All religions talk about God, Angels and Saints doing miracles to solve humanity’s problems. Here is an example that Lord Muruga inspired me to provide to you about a Siddha named Pandrimalai Swamigal who left his body in the 1980s.”

‘There was a family who lived next door to Pandrimalai Swamigal. The family was very poor but devoted to Pandrimalai Swamigal. One day Pandrimalai Swamigal appeared in a dream to someone in the family and revealed, unbeknownst to them, a family member was sick and should go see the doctor in the city. The following morning, Pandrimalai Swamigal’s wife gifted the family money to go see the doctor. Upon reaching the doctor, the sick person was called by name and presented to the doctor. The doctor said that he needed surgery to remove a tumor and helped with the process.’
-Dr Pillai

This episode is an example of the omniscience and miraculous compassion of the Siddhas.

Jesus knew about the angels and said that if God had wanted to save him from the Romans and the Jews, God would have sent an angel. The last realization of the Son of God is that humans need power. And, power is with the Holy Spirit whom he sent to the disciples on the Pentecostal day. What happened? The apostles started to do miracles. This is the core teaching of the Indian Mystics.

Mystery School III is about the methods used by God-men of different religions to perform miracles. About 80% of the course deals with methods used by different Hindu Gods that the yogis and siddhas have used and are still using. The purpose of doing miracles is to enrich different areas of human life quickly and miraculously.

The course will focus on dramatically improving the following areas:

Removing Karma & Merging with Gods and Angels




Dr. Pillai’s
Mystery School III
Lesson Plan

The main goal of the program is to help participants understand that Gods and Angels are always with them, but they elect to ignore them. By establishing constant contact with the divine, one can do very well, both materially and spiritually, provided one is committed to the program and its practice.

There will be 12 sessions personally taught by Dr. Pillai. Each one-hour session will deal with methods to improve the above four areas. Practices will involve contacting and conversing with Gods and Angels through special rituals, utilizing images specifically energized for the participants. Ritual observances, such as guided fire rituals and hydration ceremonies, will be linked to special meditations to awaken higher consciousness and enable contact with the divine being.

There will be weekly sessions with a Pillai Center facilitator to guide participants through approximately 20 minutes of ritual and 40 minutes of meditation, according to Dr. Pillai’s teaching. Participants will receive a small kit with the necessary materials to perform the rituals.

1) Karma Removal and Merging with Gods and Angels

The total duration of this part of the course is 90 days where you will learn a detailed understanding of karma and about Gods and Angels.

Major topics covered will be as follows:

Karma Removal

  1. What is Karma? How it gives a stubborn mind-set on a daily basis. How to break the karmic mind-set and emotions.
  2. Karma from Past Lives
  3. Karma from Relatives (father, mother, spouses, children)
  4. Karma: It’s Relationship with Time and Space
  5. Creating New Karma
  6. Merging with God: Uniting your mind and emotions with God. When mind and senses pop up, you lose God’s intelligence, misguided by reasoning and dissected reality.
  7. Sublimating Emotions: Emotions are powerful. You should turn them towards God, not towards sex and the world. The sublimation is not through negativity.
  8. Making the Statues to Come Alive and Talk to you.

2) Wealth

Wealth can solve most human being’s problems. Unfortunately most people, regardless of whether it is in a rich or poor country, do not have the financial resources they need. No economic policy or plan can solve the poor man’s problem.

Topics to be included in the wealth module are as follows:

  1. Causes for Money Problems
  2. Money Gods, Angels, Poverty Gods and Angels
  3. Brzee, the Super Money Goddess
  4. Brain Areas and Abundance

3) Health

Topics to be covered in the health module include:

  1. Health and Planets
  2. Health and Bodily Parts including the Astral Body represented by the Chakras
  3. Health and Time-Space Relationship
  4. Health and the Amrita released from the Brain and Tongue
  5. Health and Ancestral Spirits and other Negative Forces

4) Relationship

Topics to be covered in the relationship module include:

  1. Identifying Relationship Issues on a Daily Basis through Journaling
  2. Who are the Soul Mates and How to Attract Them
  3. Ending Karmic Relationships
  4. Sublimation of Sex and Relationship
  5. Relationship with God

What You Receive as a
Mystery School III

Dr. Pillai’s Exclusive Teachings

Karma Removal and Merging with Gods and Angels: Topics will include lessons on karma, its sources, how it affects your daily life, and how to break your karmic mindset to create new karma. Also learn how to unite your mind and emotions with God.

Wealth: Topics will include lessons on the causes of money problems, brain areas and abundance, and the deities associated with money and poverty, including Brzee, the Super Money Goddess.

Health: Topics will include lessons on how your health is affected by the planets, time-space, your chakras, ancestral spirits, and other forces. Also learn about the Amrita (life force) released from your brain and tongue.

Relationship: Topics will include lessons on identifying relationship issues on a daily basis through journaling, ending karmic relationships, how to attract your soul mate, and the sublimation of sex and relationships to deepen your relationship with God.

Spiritual Technology and Energized Items

25 Karma Clearing Technologies: You will receive *25 + Karma Clearing Technologies (Remedies) performed on your behalf in India each month using seven surrogate yantras. Surrogate yantras are small copper plates inscribed with your personal natal birth chart, which capture your energetic signature and enable the remedies to reach you via proxy.

Dr. Pillai’s Birth Chart and Copper Amulet: You will receive a rare copper amulet containing an inscribed copper plate (yantra) of Dr. Pillai’s birth chart. This special amulet will transmit Dr. Pillai’s energy, and will be used to remain connected to Dr. Pillai throughout the 12 months.

Click Here for a Detailed List of All Remedies

Vedic Astrology Report

A Personal Astrological Report: The program includes a personalized report on your unique birth chart.

Private Group Events and Community Interaction

Weekly Group Meditations: Weekly Group Meditation sessions provide a powerful experience of group synergy when coming together to share Dr. Pillai’s teachings and practices, as well as provide a space for personal discussion and questions.

Guided Workshops on Special Topics (TBA): Pillai Center teachers will hold special workshops on specific topics related to the theme of the quarter. These will be developed based on the teaching materials provided by Dr. Pillai, as well as member needs.

Mystery School Forum and Facebook Group: You will have more opportunities to interact with teachers and members through both a private Facebook group and community forum hosted on your private membership portal.

“If someone told you there was something that could improve your health, could improve your relationships, and could even improve your finances, and that a certain practice would be able to bring all these elements we have in our material world together, would it pique your interest? What I found for myself was self-mastery. Dr. Pillai taught me to not be a victim to the circumstances around me. He taught me to have a self-mastery in all aspects of my life. I found a much deeper, more profound connection into who I am, my latent abilities, and who I can be.”

Pedro Jose | Laywer, Entrepreneur, and Founder of Zen Gardens Consulting

“In terms of materialistic benefits, things have been looking upwards on a more and more positive note ever since I had the opportunity to study with Dr. Pillai, but it’s much more than that. To me, the single most important thing is that Dr. Pillai takes us through this whole process in such a pleasurable manner. What more can you ask for? You get 100% spiritual growth and 100% material growth…what more can you ask for?”

Dr. Vish Iyer | MD, PC, Family Physician, Director of Medicine, St. Barnabas NH, USA

“I met Dr. Pillai several years ago at a time when I felt I reached my limits as far as understanding consciousness, awareness, and awakening. He uses sound technology, this ancient wisdom he brings as Siddha Master as well as a Scientist to the western world. I being a student of the mind/body, psychoimmunoneurology, and neuroplasticity, was fascinated from a scientific perspective of what he brought to the table.”

Dr. Guldal Caba | Ph.D, NMD, Psychologist, Naturopath, New York, USA

“The energy in Mystery School is much more intense [than other programs]. Babaji is on a mission and he is calling certain souls. If you want to be part of a huge transformation on this planet, definitely join Mystery School. You will begin to anchor in a new consciousness uplifting the entire planet.

Yes, you will clearly be blessed under the wing of a true Master. As I stick with it and break through those forces, I feel that I take huge strides in my spiritual evolution that would otherwise have taken me many lifetimes to achieve on my own. It's a true blessing and an opportunity to have this program offered and taught by Babaji himself. Mystery School students are now clearly under his wings. I pray that Babaji's dream comes true in this lifetime. Hopefully, I will see some of you there. Blessings to everyone.”

– Paige Connolly

“Mystery School has been the backbone of every breakthrough or achievement, both inner and outer, I have experienced these past two years. The first year of Mystery School instilled in me discipline, the kind of discipline I could never have achieved on my own as I would not have had the understanding or energy to do that. The second year of Mystery School has had me peer into the inner workings of my life with x-ray vision. My finances, my home, my attention, my sleep, my thoughts, my time, my daydreaming. Mystery School has given me access to this vast space and the concentration and precision to change and plant seeds. The spontaneous calls from Babaji throughout the year were incredible, for instance on Rama’s birthday. These calls were all profound and very inspiring, the energy giving even more resolve and focus to continue.”

– Bala

“The transformation is such that in every moment there is a significant movement towards the truth. The old simply gets washed away, and with it thoughts that have held back the change for so long. What I notice most, after this journey of MSII, is that the inner voice is being heard more and more, it teaches, it points, it directs, it brings love and joy. This voice is very different to the mind chatter, it is pure, unchallengeable, the truth. I seem to have surrendered to this voice of silence and it has guided me to power spots which open up new vistas of understanding and calm. For it money comes, people come and everything just happens magically without effort. Babaji is my guiding light, he is being felt in every cell in my body, orchestrating the answering of my every question, desire, wish, and joy. He has become fully incorporated in me, I don’t need anything else.”

– Ragini Annan, UK

Your Teacher

Dr. Pillai is a spiritual scientist, academic scholar, philanthropist, and world thought leader dedicated to the study of Mind Science. Through the combination of both the Western and ancient Yogis’ understanding of the brain, Dr. Pillai provides the world with uncommon solutions to common modern day challenges.

#1 New York Times bestselling author, Dr. Wayne Dyer, addresses Dr. Pillai as ‘One of the Most Enlightened Beings on the Planet,’ has featured his methods in “I Can See Clearly Now” and lovingly dedicated his breakthrough book “Manifest Your Destiny” to Dr. Pillai, a.k.a. Guruji.

“It is my earnest desire that some of the participants will evolve themselves to do miracles through the Grace of Gods, Angels, and God-men.

If you surrender to God, He will surrender to you and be your slave.”

Our Commitment

If you are not happy with your experience in the Mystery School program, we invite you to contact us within 30 days of your original registration for a refund.

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