Power Days to Receive Gifts of Prosperity, Peace,
Longevity and Happiness

September 23rd & 30, October 7th & 14th

“Every year, the Saturdays that fall in the month of Kanya, when the Sun is in Virgo, is an auspicious time. Why are these Saturdays going to be important? These 4 Saturdays are very important for wealth. And the Sun is shining in Virgo. It’s going to be a great time for people to work on their prosperity. So, I strongly recommend that you make use of these 4 Saturdays. There are offerings that have been planned for these Saturdays.”

-Dr. Pillai

The Saturdays in the Vedic month Purattasi (mid-September to mid-October) are auspicious to connect powerfully with Supreme Archetype Vishnu and receive blessings for wealth creation. Purattasi is the month when the Sun is in Virgo, a sign ruled by Mercury. Mercury’s overlord is Vishnu, Archetype of wealth. Purattasi Saturdays are highly auspicious to honor Vishnu, who gives unique blessings on these power days.

Vishnu descended onto the earth plane in the human form of Venkateshwara (Lord Tirupati, the Supreme Archetype of Wealth) during the Tamil month of Purattasi. He is the protector of the Kali Yuga and can shower wealth, well-being, supreme prosperity, pleasures and spiritual enlightenment on those who connect powerfully with him.

Vishnu Controls Malefic Saturn during Purattasi Saturdays

The supreme preserver and sustainer archetype, Lord Vishnu, the guardian of the Kali Yuga, is a benevolent God who can bestow health, wealth, and prosperity. Connecting with him during the Saturdays in Purattasi can minimize any malefic or delaying effects of planet Saturn. Hence, it is an ideal period to pacify both Vishnu and Shani (Saturn) to achieve overall well-being and an affluent life.

Benefits of Vishnu Purattasi Saturdays Ceremonies

Astrologically, each of the four Saturdays in Purattasi is unique and all share the power to reduce the malefic effects of planet Saturn. When you honor Vishnu on these special Saturdays, you can obtain blessings for health, wealth, happiness and career, and:

  • Minimize the negative effects of Saturn
  • Obtain wealth creation energy
  • Gain progress in health, wealth, and career
  • Destroy negative thoughts which are common in Kali Yuga

What Makes Each Purattasi Saturday Unique

  • On September 23, 2017, – the Moon will be in the sign Libra and transiting the star Swati. The Moon will be with Jupiter in Libra. This Moon and Jupiter combination forms an auspicious yoga called Gaja Kesari yoga and can bring all sorts of prosperity and favorable Vishnu blessings.
  • On September 30, 2017, – the Moon will be in the sign Capricorn and transiting the star Uttarashada. The Moon will receive an aspect from Saturn who is in the sign Scorpio. This placement can help you cultivate patience and perseverance to achieve your goals and ambitions.
  • On October 3, 2017, – the Moon will be in the sign Aries and transiting the star Ashwini. This star carries healing energy and hence this is the right day to seek good health and longevity blessings. The Moon will also receive the aspect of benevolent Jupiter.
  • On October 14, 2017, – the Moon will be in the sign Cancer and transiting the star Pushya. Pushya star can bless you with great spiritual knowledge. This is a powertime for invoking Lord Vishnu for spiritual growth and enlightenment.`
Powerful Mantra for Purattasi Saturdays

On Purattasi Saturdays, chant this Gayatri mantra for Vishnu which invokes his wealth-creation qualities:

Om Narayanaya Vidmahe

Vasudevaya Dhimahe

Tanno Vishnu Prachodayat

Recommended Services
  • Power Ceremonies for 4 Vishnu Saturdays

Power Ceremonies for 4 Vishnu Saturdays

  • Light & Sound Ceremony (Archana) on all 4 Saturdays to Archetype Venkateshwara & Goddess Padmavati
  • Venkateshwara Fire Lab at AstroVed Center
  • Energized Product: 1.5 Inch Vishnu with Conch and Sudharshana Chakra Statue

Participate in power ceremonies performed by our expert priests on the 4 Vishnu Saturdays to invoke divine health, wealth, and abundance blessings. The powerful Venkateshwara Fire Lab can bring you the divine grace of Vishnu and can fulfill your wishes, solve litigation issues, clear debts, and help you create wealth.

The statue, energized during the 4 Vishnu Saturday ceremonies, can absorb the powerful Vedic chants during the ceremony and radiate this Divine energy throughout your home or workplace.

What will I Receive?

You will receive the energized product, as well as sacred grey ash powder and red vermillion powder (Prasad), which is blessed during the ceremony. Keep these items on your meditation altar and wear the Prasad on your forehead during meditation or at other times to expand the Divine blessings into your life.

Dr. Pillai explains this:

“The ceremony is the carbonization of thoughts. Carbon is our information-bearing atoms. The carbon residue (ash) given out as Prasad is to be placed on the third eye area of the participants and carries the blessings of the archetypes invoked.

Please Note: Your energized product and Prasad will be shipped from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Please allow 2 – 4 weeks for delivery after the entire set of ceremonies is performed.

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