Particles of Power

Every month, learn from Dr. Pillai how to manifest more loving relationships, abundance, perfect health and enlightenment-all at the divine speed of your particle mind!

Particles of Power is a monthly download subscription program. It contains Dr. Pillai's latest mind and life transforming tools from workshops, presentations and lectures given all over the world.

Particles of Power brings insightful details and understanding of our behavior, thoughts and emotion, and most importantly how we create our reality. It empowers an individual with a better understanding of the mind, how to control it and how to reap the power of of the mind. This brings in a deeper level of consciousness and higher intelligence that helps one transcend ordinary life and experience an extraordinary life.

Simple techniques, such as conscious breathing and focusing of the mind on one object, can work wonders. Particles of Power teaches ideas and methods that empower an individual to work with the mind to reach a state of calmness and oneness.

Empowering yourself by empowering the mind is an enthralling and exhilarating experience. Particles of Power empowers the mind to open to new experiences and ideas of a different dimension. These principles work on a level deeper than just the linear mind; they work at the level of the subtle and unconscious mind, which people tend to ignore and forget because of the jumble in their minds.

Each download is approximately 60 minutes long and contains up to 6 tracks. Each track contains a different teaching and all tracks are on the same related topic.

A monthly subscription audio will be added automatically to your order log. Each month, we will be automatically charging your credit card.