2 Days Navaratri Trip with Dr. Pillai

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This is a special plan for those who cannot attend the full retreat. You can choose to attend any of the 2 days of the retreat. After signing up for the retreat, please email us at office@pillaicenter.com letting us know which 2 days you would like to participate.

Navaratri, or 9 Nights of the Goddess, is a powerful window of time when the energy of the Goddess (Shakti) is at its peak. This year, from Sept 25 - Sept 29, Dr. Pillai will be taking people on a magical trip to Boca Raton Florida, giving initiation into the technology of the Goddess that can give Super-Intelligence and Miraculous Powers.

The 7 Topics that Dr. Pillai will be covering are:

1. The Art and Science of Invoking The Goddess
2. Karma Removing Siddhi Powers
3. Incredible Wealth Attraction
4. Super-Intelligence
5. Health Miracles and Rejuvenation
6. Enlightenment through Amrita Elixir
7. Thought Manifestation Bypassing Action

“About 60% of the time will be spent on Meditation, 40% on Theories.” –Dr. Pillai

The retreat will begin with an evening seminar starting on the 25th from 8-11pm EDT. From the 26th through the 28th, the seminars will be full-day with necessary breaks included. The retreat will conclude with a morning seminar on the 29th from 9am to 12pm EDT, allowing you to schedule a departure flight in the late afternoon/evening.

*Please note that the price only covers the seminar fee. Travel food, and accommodations must be purchased separately. We have reserved hotel rooms that will be held until September 3rd. After that date, we cannot guarantee room availability after you register.

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