Fix my Job with OM SHREEM DATTATREYA SIVA BABA mantra written 10008 times

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The Effects Of Mantra

From the below given list, which is the problem that you face often?

  • I do not look attractive; whereas my friends do!
  • I am overweight/ fat for my age group
  • I look old for my age group
  • I belong to an ethnic group that no one even respects!
  • Friends say am not well accomplished or well mannered
  • I neither have a job nor money
  • I am so short tempered that I can't maintain a relationship!
  • Friends feel I am self centered and I do not care for the other person
  • I have always been in a dysfunctional family where my father and mother constantly keep fighting
  • Deep down you think that it is better to be single than being in a relationship
  • You do not want a relationship because you do not want to be hurt

Read below for the accurate remedy measures suggested by Dr. Pillai:

The above list is by no means exhaustive; you can probably add a dozen or more reasons to the list. But Dr. Pillai states a spiritual reason for having a bad relationship or not having a good relationship. Basically relationship is karmic. You simply do not meet someone by accident; relationship is always the continuation of your past lifetimes as quoted earlier. Two people come together to complete an unfinished relationship from previous lifetimes. You stay together until the karma is done. Once it is done, you break up or divorce. This is what happens spiritually in a relationship.

You may ask, what about people who do not have a relationship? Do they not have the karma to meet a man or a woman? Yes they do, but they ultimately do not exercise that karma. Perhaps they came here live the life of being single. Perhaps they had been a monk or a nun and enjoyed loneliness in their past lifetime, and that karma is still continuing. Dr. Pillai can definitely help you to create a new relationship for yourself. Yes, you must have karma for it, but do you not realize that you have already had inexhaustible karmic relationships that you have faced in millions of lifetimes? You simply need to pull someone from your karmic bank! Here comes the role of Dr. Pillai.


The magical sound that will bring a relationship into your life is "Kleem". Kleem will do the magic. It is impossible to know how it works. It is a gift from God to create a relationship. The scriptures say that if you write Kleem 10 million times, you will attract relationships from even the three worlds! Now, your question might be--Is it humanly possible to write Kleem 10 million times? Yes it is, but we do not have the time or commitment!

AstroVed can help you via written mantras.

Dr. Pillai suggests an alternative for busy modern people.Proxy writers in India will write mantras on your behalf. Of course, no Xerox is allowed! The whole idea is that somebody has to spend their consciousness on the appropriate mantra and also on you. The writers will state repeatedly every 108 repetitions that they are writing for a particular person.

How does Proxy Writing Meditation Resolve Life Issues?

  • Fix your bad planets through Mantra writing.
  • Get into a good relationship or seek a job.
  • Pretty much do anything that you want to, through this proxy writing meditation.

Proxy Writing of Quantum Sound Frequencies for Solving Life Issues

"I am thinking of multiple applications of this device for different human problems. You can fix a planet through this writing. You can attract a relationship or a job. You can pretty much do anything that you want through this proxy sound writing. I conceived of this sound writing for various reasons. It is basically a kind of outsourcing of a practice, outsourcing your personal chore to India. You both are benefited inwardly and materially. We are going to hire Indian people who are in need of money and living in villages. This writing will get them immediate money and also change their karma. For the sponsor, it gets the desired result. The sponsor also gets the good merit of supporting someone in India who needs a job. The service will be closely monitored by our Indian staff. They will daily inspect the writing work to ensure it is carried out exactly according to our instructions and the correct number of repetitions."

-- Dr. Pillai

Dr. Pillai recommends experimenting for yourself, the power of proxy mantra writing for solving various life issues at once: 

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