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Full Moon (June 1st, IST) is the time for creativity and manifestations. The energies of Lakshmi (archetype for wealth), Saraswati (archetype for knowledge & music) and Parvati (archetype who fulfills desires & gives peace) - are at its peak during this time. The rituals will be done on a Full Moon Day. These rituals are done by Vedic Specialists at Pillai Center India. To read further, click on ‘More…’

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Full Moon is a Power Time for fulfillment of material desires and maximum support for your financial goals. "Fire is the real wealth because fire produces gold", says Dr. Pillai. On the next Full Moon (June 1st, IST), a special fire ritual will be done in Pillai Center India; Vedic Specialists will chant the ultimate prosperity sound ‘Shreem Brzee’ 108 times to dissolve scarcity thoughts and bring Goddess Lakshmi’s blessings for abundance. To read further, click on ‘More…’

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1 - 2 of 2 Products