Brighten Self Confidence and Life Affirming Energies Interactive Fire Lab on October 18th

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This Interactive Fire Lab will be performed for the Sun. Without the Sun, we literally have no life on our planet. He is an important planet for health, leadership and enlightenment. On this day, the Sun has entered Libra, a sign where the Sun feels usually feels constrained (debilitated). However, Venus who rules Libra will be sitting in Libra, and this will help reduce some of the Sun’s discomfort. The Moon will be in Shravana, star of listening and also a star of money. This fire prayer will help minimize negative effects of Sun’s challenges while he is in Libra. During this Fire Lab, we can ask the Sun to literally give us a “sunny disposition”, brighten our self-confidence and reconnect us with life-affirming energies. 

Join us on October 17th at 7:30 PM PDT / October 18th 2:30 AM UTC / October 18th 8:00 AM IST for a Live Interactive Fire Lab.

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