Go Into 2019 with Better Use of Time Interactive Fire Lab on December 29th

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“It is a misconception that working long hard hours will give you the greatest rewards You can transform the power of your hours into seconds by compressing time with Kala Bhairava. Kala Bhairava knows the secret for compressing time.” ~ Dr. Pillai

This Interactive Fire Lab will be performed during 8th Waning Moon phase, a time to connect with some of the intense qualities of the divine. The Moon will be in Hasta, a star symbolized by an open hand in blessing. This fire prayer will invoke Kala Bhairava, archetype of time management, to make us more productive and efficient with our use of time. He is an archetype who helps us grasp the deep truth of Dr. Pillai’s statements “Waiting is a waste of time” and “Every moment is new.” The name and sounds of Kala Bhairava have immense practical and spiritual significance. “Bhai” implies material wealth, and “Ra” denotes the dissipation of pessimism and obstacles inherent in our psyche. The term “Va” indicates the continuous process of progress. It is well known successful people make smart use of their time. Establishing a heart connection with Kala Bhairava helps us become more intelligent in our use of time in the upcoming New Year.

Join us LIVE for the Interactive Fire Lab on December 29th at 4:30 AM PST / 12:30 PM UTC / 6:00 PM IST

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