Awakened Warrior Package

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                                                                Awakened Warrior Empowerment Package

Join Dr. Pillai on 6 days Journey as he provides the empowerment, unique to each day of Skanda Sashti to empower your inner warrior. During the six days of Skanda Sashti, Muruga’s warrior-like energy abundantly descends on the earth plane. Muruga is among the most active beings during this time. You will understand and experience higher state of consciousness through the practice of various techniques that Dr. Pillai will be teaching in these 6 days.

Each Night, Dr. Pillai will be teaching divine technique for different Purpose.

  • Night 1: Learn techniques to connect to Muruga.
  • Night 2: Murugan Technology for Stop the Mind
  • Night 3: Murugan Technology Karma Removal
  • Night 4: Murugan Technology Loving Relationships
  • Night 5: Murugan Technology Health
  • Night 6: Murugan Technology to remove Negativity

                                                             6 Nights, 6 Symbols, 6 Initiations

What’s Included In This Package:
  • 6 Webcasts with Dr. Pillai
For the first time Dr. Pillai will teach the symbolic and spiritual purpose of the 6 heads, power sounds and abodes of the archetype Muruga. 
  • Downloads of the Full Program
Audio downloads of teachings and meditations for each night. 
  • Written Transcript of Each Night Webcast.
30 Day Video replay of the 6 Initiation Webcasts

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