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Are you someone who wanted to attend Dr. Pillai’s birthday trip in person, but were unable to make arrangements?

Are you still interested in making a connection with Dr. Pillai on his birthday, and experiencing his revelations about the 36 steps to enlightenment?

If you answered yes, you’re intentions have manifested!

This will be a Live virtual experience where you can enjoy the bliss of 3 hours of deep meditation with Dr. Pillai, and receive a high level overview of the 36 steps to Enlightenment, all from the comfort of your own home.

The goal will be to have an out of body experience where you’ll go beyond the 5 senses and enter a state of ‘Samadhi Sleep’ that is conducive for:

Releasing karma

Rejuvenating the body and mind

And manifesting

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About The Meditation

Receive Dr. Pillai’s Extra Special Birthday
Gifts Included With Your Participation

To make this 2015 birthday extra powerful, Dr. Pillai will be providing more opportunities to receive his special birthday blessings for those who couldn’t join him live.

Included with your participation in the Live 3 hour virtual meditation experience, you’ll also receive the following birthday gifts:

A never before released 3-D cube with Dr. Pillai’s picture – Keep this 3-D representation of Dr. Pillai near you to receive his constant darshan. Place in your home, workspace, or meditation room to invoke Dr. Pillai’s presence, and create an atmosphere of miracles.

Metal yantra with Dr. Pillai’s birth chart, energized during birthday Fire Lab – Receive this rare gift of Dr. Pillai’s energetic blue print using Siddha Proxy Technology, and access Dr. Pillai’s power, protection, and miracles wherever you are.

Dr. Pillai’s Spiritual Birthday Statue Hydration Ceremony And Fire Lab At Chennai Remedy Center (Feb. 19th) - For this special occasion you can send your prayers to us, and we will print and place in the fire. Dr. Pillai has said this is a very powerful offering, as his Siddhi (super-normal power) is to change people’s destinies. Lay your trouble at his feet and he will carry the burden. Please see this blog for notes of a sermon Babaji gave over a year ago. http://reluctantavatar.net/2014/01/will-slave/

Note: After completing your order, please go to your order log to download the 3 hr call.

Join Dr. Pillai’s Birthday Package
And Receive The Gift Of Grace

Dr. Pillai’s birthday is always a time of great celebration and excitement because it’s when he goes out of his way to perform miracles to those who reach out to him

In addition, his 2015 birthday marks a very significant next step for him in serving his divine purpose, as this year will be a breakthrough and awakening for the entire earth plane.

Take advantage of this precious opportunity to get a head start, and prepare yourself for a paradigm shift in the coming months for what promises to be an extraordinary year.

Note: After completing your order, please go to your order log to download the 3 hr call.

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