E-Book: Life Changing Sounds: Tools from the Other Side (by Dr. Pillai)

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                                                        Life Changing Sounds: Tools from the Other Side (by Dr. Pillai)

This is not just another book. This book will change your destiny. It carries secret sounds and other tools used by enlightened beings in ancient times from the esoteric teachings of India. These sounds are for anyone who seeks Light and higher consciousness, regardless of any particular religion. It has 12 simple techniques and powerful sounds, which can empower you to change 12 significant areas of your life forever.  

Author: Dr. Pillai (earlier Sri Siva)

Publisher: Tripura Foundation, 2002

The purpose of this book is to bring about measurable positive results in your life. The book touches on several key areas of human life and offers plenty of practical solutions.

Here is the outline of the book:

Chapter 1:
Physical Appearance and Personality

Chapter 2: Finances

Chapter 3: Risk-Taking

Chapter 4: Happiness and Material Comforts

Chapter 5: Personal Connection with God

Chapter 6: Health, Enemies, Debt and Litigation

Chapter 7: Relationship

Chapter 8: Obstacles and Longevity

Chapter 9: Compassion and Grace

Chapter 10: Profession

Chapter 11: Profit

Chapter 12:
Expense and Enlightenment

Ayush Fire Lab(Homa)

Ayush Fire Lab (Homa For Longevity And Good Health)

Ayush Homa is performed to invoke the blessings of the archetype Ayur Devata, who can bestow you with longevity, good health, and grant relief from mental trauma. The ritual is recommended for those who are suffering from severe health ailments.

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Sponsor Oil for Eternal Jyoti Lamp

Sponsor Oil for Eternal Jyoti Lamp An eternal flame is constantly kept lit at the Pillai Center in India to commemorate the principles of light and transcendence that we need to invoke in our lives. This is in honor of the enlightened saint Ramalingam who merged with Jyoti (divine light) and attained the immortal body of light and grace. Oil signifies love and reverence for the divine. Donating oil is said to bring great blessings to brighten up all areas of your life.

US $ 30.00 US $ 23.00

Thiru Neela Kantam / Makaral Sivayanama Meditation

Thiru Neela Kantam - Makaral Sivayanama is one of the most powerful Meditation techniques for removing karma. On this audio track, Dr. Pillai guides you through a 9-minute meditation to cleanse and release your most stubborn karmic patterns. These sounds can be used on a daily basis to clear away negativity and old patterns. This recording was taken from a live seminar with Dr. Pillai.

US $ 3.00

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