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Muruga's power is unlimited, and equally so is his compassion. Honoring him by wearing this Pendant can help you remove ignorance, increase knowledge, fulfill desires, grant you strength and inspiration, inspire you to seek higher truths, and ignite love and happiness in your heart.

Muruga, the son of Shiva and Parvati, was born out of Shiva's third eye to destroy evil and bring righteousness, success, and vitality. When you call on Muruga, He is ever ready to help humanity and is legendary for his highly generous giving of grace. Wearing the Muruga Pendant made of copper can surround you with the positive energy of Muruga's blessings and can provide clarity and guidance in making important life decisions.

Directions For Using Copper Muruga Pendant

  • You can wear this Muruga Pendant using sacred red thread or keep it in a clean place like an altar or a prayer room.
  • If you are wearing the Muruga Pendant, removing it before taking a shower or before going to bed is recommended.

Please Note: The color of the Pendant may change over a period due to exposure to air, water, or sweat; however, this does not dilute the power of the energized Pendant.

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