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Shiva Homa
(Fire Lab for Karma Clearance and Success)

LIVE on Mar. 21, 2020 at 05:30 PM PT | Mar. 22, 2020 at 12:30 am UTC / 6:00 am IST

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Pillai Center’s Gift for You – Experience Divine Blessings

The divine technology of Homas (Fire Labs) is known to bring grace and power into your life.  Are you missing this divine technology due to financial constraints? That will not be a barrier any longer. We care about your wellbeing and do not want you to miss out, so once a month, there is a special Homa (Fire Lab). To honor the symbolic divine exchange, you can participate in the Homa each month by donating the amount you can contribute.  As Dr. Pillai says, “You can reverse the karma that has not yet attacked you, that has not yet started to hurt you, and for that, you need tools.”  Pillai Center is making it super easy for you to participate. Our best wishes for you to enjoy and prosper in your life.


How does it Work?

You are invited to take part and receive the graceful blessings of a particular archetype on their power day as our Vedic Priests perform the prescribed Homa (Fire Lab), every month, to invoke the energy and blessings of the archetype. This is your opportunity to accrue the benefits on their respective power days. This monthly homa is performed based on donation. Why should there be any charge?  It is a way for you to make the first step and set up the correct energetic exchange between you and the divine.

Shiva Homa (Fire Lab for Karma Clearance and Success)

In the month of March, you have an opportunity to invoke the Supreme Archetype of Dissolution, Shiva, for his karma clearing and sin cleansing blessings to enjoy overall success in life. Shiva is one among the Trinity, considered as formless, timeless, and limitless. He is often referred to as the God of destruction. However, the term destruction is used to refer to the elimination of negative influences such as evil, ignorance, bad karma, and even death. According to Vedic scriptures, performing Shiva Homa can invoke Shiva’s blessings to dissolve sins and enjoy good health and happiness.

Benefits of Shiva Homa (Fire Lab for Karma Clearance and Success)

According to the Puranas, participating in the Shiva Homa can:

  • Remove the adverse afflictions of the nine planets
  • Grant wealth and happiness
  • Eliminate negative energies and renew positive energy
  • Bestow success in all endeavors in the personal and professional front
  • Help attain peace of mind and Moksha (salvation)
Shiva Homa

Shiva Homa (Fire lab for Karma Cleansing and Wish Fulfillment)

This Homa invokes the blessings, Shiva, for blessings of material wealth spiritual enlightenment. He is the Archetype of renewal and revival, and brings about the absolution of sins, removal blocks in life caused by bad karma and instills peace.

SHIVA HOMA (Fire lab for Karma Cleansing and Wish Fulfillment)

<p>This Homa invokes the blessings, Lord Shiva, for blessings of material wealth spiritual enlightenment. He is the Archetype of renewal and

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