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Narasimha Homa (Lion-Man Archetype Fire Lab)

Vedic Technology to Gain Victory, Prosperity, and Abundance

LIVE on Jul.13, 2019 at 6:00 am IST

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Pillai Center’s Gift for You – Experience Divine Blessings

The divine technology of Homas (Fire Prayers) is known to bring grace and power into your life.   Are you missing this divine technology due to financial constraints? That will not be a barrier any longer. We care about your wellbeing and do not want you to miss out, so once a month there is a special Homa (Fire Prayer). To honor the symbolic divine exchange, you can participate in the Homa each month by donating the amount you can contribute.  As Dr. Pillai says, “You can reverse the karma that has not yet attacked you, that has not yet started to hurt you, and for that, you need tools.”  Pillai Center is making it super easy for you to participate.  Our best wishes for you to enjoy and prosper in your life.


How Does It Work?

You are invited to take part and receive the graceful blessings of a particular archetype on their power day as our Vedic Priests perform the prescribed Homa (Fire Prayer), every month, to invoke the energy and blessings of the archetype. This is your opportunity to accrue the benefits on their respective power days. This monthly homa is performed based on donation. Why should there be any charge?  It is a way for you to make the first step and set up the correct energetic exchange between you and the divine.

July – Narasimha Homa (Lion-Man Archetype Fire Lab)

This Homa invokes the blessings of archetype Narasimha, who is the 4th incarnation of Lord Vishnu with a lion face and human-like torso. He is the most intense and fierce of all ten avatars of Lord Vishnu and is hailed as the ‘Great Protector,’ who can destroy your enemies, eradicate evil forces and misfortunes and protect you from diseases. Participating in a fire lab for Narasimha can fulfill all your desires and bless you with victory, prosperity, and abundance.

Significance of Performing Narasimha Homa

Pillai Center will be performing Narasimha Homa on July 13, 2019 (IST). Performing a fire lab for the lion-man archetype can bestow sound health, wealth, destroy all sins, remove obstacles, cure diseases, ward off evil forces, and grant salvation. Our qualified Vedic priests with years of experience perform the rituals by chanting sacred mantras, maintaining the sanctity and purity of the occasion with a deep reverence for the protector archetype.

Benefits of Narasimha Homa

According to sacred texts, performing a sacred fire lab (homa) for Narasimha can bestow you with the following blessings:

  • Destroy your enemies
  • Eradicate evil forces and misfortunes
  • Destroy obstacles
  • Protect you from diseases
  • Remove all sins
  • Bestow victory, prosperity, and abundance

Narasimha Homa (Lion-Man Archetype Fire Lab)

Narasimha Homa

Narasimha, the 4th avatar of Lord Vishnu, incarnated to kill the demon Hiranyakashipu, who signifies inner negativities - ego, pride, anger, hatred, and jealousy. Narasimha, a fierce archetypal energy in the form of a Lion-Man God, can bring targeted relief to you if you are suffering from others’ evil eye or negative energy from your surroundings. Performing this powerful homa can help you gain victory over inner negativities and seek blessings of abundance.

Narasimha Homa (Lion Man Archetype Fire Lab)

<p>Narasimha, the 4th avatar of Lord Vishnu, incarnated to kill the demon Hiranyakashipu who signifies inner negativities - ego, pride, anger,

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