New Shreem Brzee Yantra (5 Symbol Shreem Brzee Yantra)

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A yantra is a geometric design that can absorb, store, and transmit the energy of a mantra, or Archetype. This yantra design was revealed to Dr. Pillai during a Nadi reading as the yantra of Shreem Brzee – the ultimate wealth mantra. Use this yantra to diffuse poverty consciousness and access the power of spiritual and material abundance.

“It’s not that easy for people to remember Shreem Brzee. There is a device for that. Most people, including myself, don’t manifest because we forget. So, what do we do? We need an automated machine that does the job for us. The yantra is that machine. The yantra is meditating on your behalf.

All that you have to do is carry it and touch it and, if possible, show it candlelight. The yantra will come more alive. Then it will be doing the job that you should be doing. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be meditating. The more you meditate, the more powerful the yantra will become.” – Dr. Pillai

The symbols are as follows:

    ✔ Top left: Pot with Coconut Dr. Pillai explains: “For fullness, for abundance, there is a pot and a coconut on top of it.” This is a symbol of abundance and creation. The pot symbolizes Earth. Water in the pot is the source of life and all of creation. The leaves and coconut represent creation. Middle: Sun Dr. Pillai teaches: “The movement of the Sun is very, very important in our life because we live in the solar system; if the Sun is not there, life will not be there, because our life is sustained by Sun.”
    ✔ Top right: Swastika Dr. Pillai says: “The swastika got a bad name because of Hitler. But the swastika is also a symbol for Shreem Brzee. Shreem Brzee and swastika are one and the same. Somehow Hitler knew about it, because he wanted to get the power. But he tilted it and then ruined himself.” The swastika has been used in spiritual traditions worldwide. Native American tribes in the American Southwest and Great Plains have used it, and it has different meanings to different tribes. To the Navajo, it’s a healing symbol. To the Hopi, it stands for nomadic clans. In West Africa, they made swastikas with gold. The 45th Infantry Division of the United States Army made it part of their logo to represent the large percentage of members from Southwest tribes, until Nazi Germany adopted it. The Sanskrit word swasti means luck, good fortune, and glory. Literally, it means “creating good”.
    ✔ Bottom left: Deepam Deepam is a Sanskrit word meaning oil lamp. Lamps are used in many Vedic ceremonies. The obvious meaning of this symbol is light. The light of consciousness drives out darkness.
    ✔ Bottom right: Shreem in Sanskrit Shreem is the Bija (seed syllable) for Wealth Goddess Lakshmi. When using it as a mantra, you are invoking Her. Some traditions associate this mantra with the Third Eye, the seat of intuition, whose physical expression is the pineal gland. Shreem attracts wealth, abundance, financial comfort, and, if desired, a satisfying family life.
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