11 Forms of Ganesha Statue Set

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This set includes 11 individual statues of Ganesha, each offering unique boons. Each statue is 1.5 inches in height and made of semi-precious stones. These Ganesha can remove all obstacles and bless you with material wealth, power, happiness, prosperity, and problem-solving ability.

Blessings of 11 Ganeshas
Crystal- Banishes negative energy & safeguards from evil eye
Aventurine- Removes all old habits, patterns and brings new opportunities, abundance & wealth
Orange Jade- Wards off obstacles & attracts good luck
Tiger Eye- Enhances career aspirations & helps overcome financial instability
Coral- Brings good fortune in life, prosperity in business & ability to overcome challenges
Gomed Hessonite- Grants healing powers for reversing ill health caused by Rahu, protects from hidden enemies and fulfils dreams
Amethyst- Empowers healing, cleansing & enhances memory, creativity, good fortune and prosperity
Labradorite- Supports changes in life, imparting strength and perseverance & banishes fear and insecurities
Rose Quartz- Encourages forgiveness, healing pain, and dispels hatred, jealousy & resentment
Sandstone- Helps change your destiny effortlessly and brings auspiciousness, energy, and enthusiasm to your work
Lapis Luzli- Grants power and success and safeguards against malefic energy of Saturn

Directions For Using 11 Forms of Ganesha Statue Set

1. Place the Ganesha statue on a clean, sacred altar or a prayer room facing east or north.
2. You can perform Abishekam (Hydration Pooja) to the Ganesha statue with rose water or milk according to your personal practice– daily, weekly,
     or monthly. After Abishekam, rinse the Ganesha statue with water and wipe it dry.
3. You can put round dots of sandalwood paste at the four corners of the base and on the forehead of the deity.
4. Light a candle or ghee lamp and an incense stick before the statue.
5. You can offer hibiscus flowers or any fresh and fragrant red-color flowers and offer fresh or dry fruits as Prasad to Ganesha.
6. Sit in front of the Ganesha statue and meditate daily or on the 4th Moon or 14th Moon by chanting the Mantra 'Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha' 27, 
    54, or 108 times as per your convenience.

Note: The statue's color may change over a period, especially with regular Abishekam (Hydration Pooja); however, this color change does not dilute the power of the energized statue.

Product Specifications Information:


Approx. 45-50 Grams(Each Statue)


1.75 Inch

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