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                                                                   Full Moon of the Guru Audio Downloads

Dr. Pillai shares a guided meditation on the auspicious night of Guru Purnima. These techniques will help you change the negative aspects of your reality and move beyond the limitations of logic into a new reality full of possibility. Dr. Pillai chants sacred sounds to connect to the Divine and access infinite intelligence and grace.  Package includes the full meditation plus 6 tracks for each individual mantra.

Track List for the Full Moon of the Guru Audio Package:

Full Moon of the Guru Meditation (27 minutes)

The following are the mantras from the meditation. These sacred sounds repeat the indicated number of time

Arut Perum Jyoti (short version); 54 x (21:30 minutes)

Arut Perum Jyoti: Special Ramalinga Sutra (long version); 108x (23:30 minutes)

Guru Chant (fast version); 54x (20 minutes)

Guru Chant (slow version); 27x (21 minutes)

Jyoti, Jyoti, Jyoti; 36x (21 minutes)

Om Guru Om; 108x (22 minutes)

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