Timeline Acceleration Interactive Fire Lab on March 28th

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“Fire is the real wealth because fire produces Gold.” ~ Dr. Pillai

This Interactive Fire Lab will be performed during 8th Waning Moon phase, a time to connect with some of the intense qualities of the divine. The Moon will be in Purva Ashadha star of prosperity. This fire prayer will invoke Kala Bhairava, archetype of time management, in his form as Swarna Arkshana Bhairava. As Swarna Arkshana Bhairava, he can accelerate our timeline to greater wealth. Swarna means gold. Arkshana conveys an idea of attraction. The blessings of Swarna Arkshana Bhairava can help speed up time and set us on a path to attract more positive financial opportunities and supportive friends. We can ask Swarna Arkshana Bhairava to help us become more open and receptive to good fortune, material comforts and overall success. The fire prayer can send us blessings for golden abundance and golden friends.

Join us on March 28th at 4:30 AM PDT / 11:30 AM UTC / 5:00 PM IST for a Live Interactive Fire Lab.

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