Ignite Joy and Celebration Interactive Fire Lab on September 12th

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This Interactive Fire Lab will be performed for Shiva on a day that is traditionally associated with his form as the Dancing Nataraj. The image of Shiva dancing in cosmic ecstasy is famous throughout the world. The Moon will be in Dhanishta, star of prosperity. The symbol of Dhanishta is a drum, and the Dancing Nataraj is depicted as holding a hand drum (damaru). In many cultures, drums enliven celebrations and dancing. This fire prayer will invoke Shiva to ignite the fire of his cosmic dance of bliss into our own lives and bless us with lives of celebration and joy.

Join us for Live Interactive Fire Lab on September 12th at 3.30 AM PDT / 10.30 AM UTC / 4.00 PM IST

Note: No Prasad will be shipped.

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