November 2019 Interactive Fire Lab Half Month Bundle

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Join us for 3 live interactive Fire Labs plus 1 Pradosham ritual in November. Please find the details below:

Annihilate Fear and Anxiety: Ganesha Interactive Fire Lab on November 16th: This Interactive Fire Lab will be performed to invoke Ganesha in his form as Herambra Ganapati. The ceremony will be done during the beneficial obstacle removal energies of 4th Waning Moon phase. As Heramba Ganapati, Ganesha is considered the protector of the weak and helpless. In this form, he has five heads and ten arms and rides a majestic lion rather than the usual mouse. One of his hands is raised in a gesture of fearlessness, reassurance and safety. Another hand is in a wish-granting pose. Several other hands hold various weapons and other items. On this day, the Moon will be in Ardra, a star of spiritual enlightenment and learning. Ardra is symbolized as a teardrop of compassion and can help us have motivation to work to relieve the sufferings of others. Ardra star (also called Thiruvadhirai star) is said to be associated with Heramba Ganapati. The fire prayer will invoke Heramba Ganapati to annihilate our fears and anxieties and bless us with confidence and hope. We ask Heramba Ganapati to especially protect us, our families, our friends, our communities, our countries and our planet from all dangers. We can ask us to bring peace to our bodies, minds and souls as well as to the environment.

Join us on November 16th at 4:00 AM PST / 12 Noon UTC / 5:30 PM IST

Ignite Creativity and Remove Curses: Kala Bhairava Interactive Fire Lab on November 19th: This Interactive Fire Lab will be performed during 8th Waning Moon phase, a time to connect with some of the intense qualities of the divine. The Moon will be in Ashlesha, a star of comforts and mystical power. This fire prayer will invoke Kala Bhairava, archetype of time management, in his form as Asitanga Bhairava. Asitanga Bhairava is sometimes depicted standing with four arms, holding a rosary (mala), a water pot, a twisted dagger and a small cup. He faces the eastern direction and his vehicle is a white swan. Asitanga Bhairava can enhance creative abilities and grant success with projects and activities. In addition, he is regarded as one who can relieve afflictions from curses. Today’s Fire Lab is will invoke immediate blessings from Asitanga Bhairava to improve creativity and to remove problems from curses.

Join us on November 19th at 4:00 AM PST / 12 Noon UTC / 5:30 PM IST

Embrace Educational Opportunities: Venus Enters Sagittarius Interactive Fire Lab on November 21st: This Interactive Fire Lab will be performed for Venus on the day that Venus enters the Zodiac sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is symbolized as a centaur with the hind part of a horse and the front of an archer. Centaur / horse energy is often associated with teachers of the forest. Venus as a planet of love can help empower love of learning and education while he sits in Sagittarius. The Moon will be in Purva Phalguni, star of material prosperity. This fire prayer will invoke Venus in Sagittarius to bring us educational or training opportunities that can increase our success and our ability to enjoy an upgrade in material comforts.

Join us on Live on November 21 at 3:30 AM PST / 11:30 AM UTC / 5:00 PM IST

Freedom for Positive Change: Karma-Dissolving Ceremony on November 24th: During Pradosham time everyone gets an opportunity to cleanse their karma.” ~ Dr. Pillai 

The period during the one-and-a-half hours before sunset on every 13th Moon day is a premier karma-dissolving powertime called Pradosham. This Karma-Dissolving Ceremony will be performed to honor Shiva, the Supreme Archetype of Karma Removal. On this Pradosham day, the Moon will be in Swati, a star of divine blessings. Swati is often symbolized as young shoots of plants blowing freely in the wind. This is a highly favorable time to release negative karmas that thwart our ability to move freely and easily in the world. Dissolving negative karmas can free us from feeling stuck and enable us to make positive transformational changes.

Join us for Live Karma Removal Ritual on November 24th at 3:00 AM PST / 11:00 AM UTC / 4:30 PM IST

This prayer service will be broadcast here: https://www.astroved.com/live-tv/

(Note: The general public can watch the Pradosham prayer service; however, only those who are signed up will have their stars and names read aloud.)

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