Triumph Over Enemies: Interactive Fire Lab: Muruga

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Live Interactive Fire Lab on Friday, February 28th at 5:30 PM PST / Saturday, February 29th at 1:30 AM UTC / 7:00 AM IST

“Muruga represents the primordial energy force identified in every ancient tradition in their own imagery. If you have the blessings of Muruga, you will get into miracles instantaneously.” ~ Dr. Pillai

This Interactive Fire Lab will be performed during Spiritual Warrior Archetype Muruga’s 6th Waxing Moon powertime. Muruga is a very beloved archetype in Tamil Nadu, a state in southern India. Muruga is a specialist in higher intelligence. His brilliant light is celebrated for protection and the power to overcome enemies. On this day, the Moon will be in Bharani, a star of creativity and good reputation. The Fire Lab will invoke Muruga as one who can give us victory over interference from all forms of enemies. His blessings can give a great boost for our ability to experience peace of mind and to move forward freely without constant battles. This is a very favorable time to ask Muruga’s boons for subduing enemies and restraining adversarial forces harming our projects or businesses. We can ask Muruga to restore our good reputation if it has been harmed in any way.

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