On Demand Video: Jupiter Transit

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On Demand Video: Jupiter Transit

During a special Empowerment session during the Transit of Jupiter, Dr. Pillai shared teachings and meditations to access the energy of Jupiter or Guru, the Supreme Teacher.

The on-demand video of this Empowerment session is now available for unlimited viewing. NOTE: You can watch the REPLAY anytime, at your convenience, for up to 30 days.

Directions to Access On-Demand Video REPLAY

1) Please go to your Order History - http://www.pillaicenter.com/OrderHistory.aspx

2) Kindly login with your Pillai Center username and password.

3) A list of your orders will be displayed.
4) Click on the Download Reel icon under the Downloads column of your “On Demand Video” order to start viewing the REPLAY.

IMPORTANT: You are requested not to share your login details with anyone. You will need a browser (Mozilla Firefox/ Internet Explorer/ Safari) with JavaScript enabled and latest Flash plug-in installed in the browser.


Track 1: Audio Loop – Destiny Changing Sounds

Track 2: Audio Loop – Pineal Gland Activation Sounds

Track 3: Audio Loop - Moola Mantra of Dr. Pillai

Track 4: Guided Meditation by Dr. Pillai

Track 5: Dr. Pillai’s Teachings on Jupiter

Jupiter Transit Audio Package

This package contains 5 sound tracks to invoke the power of archetype Jupiter or Guru, the Supreme Teacher. Track 1 & 2 contain audio loops of destiny changing sounds. Track 3 contains audio loop of Moola Mantra of Dr. Pillai. Track 4 contains Dr. Pillai’s guided meditation during Jupiter Transit. Track 5 contains Dr. Pillai’s teachings on Jupiter. As you listen to the sounds, experience your body & mind being filled with Jupiter’s transforming energy.

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