‘18 Million Kleem’ for Global Harmony

You are one of the 400 catalysts bringing the power of Kleem to the world!

To date, we have collectively chanted Kleem 11400835 times.

What is KLEEM?

Dr. Pillai calls Kleem the sound for “emotions, wealth, feminine power, and relationship power”.

Why chant Now?

Get "Money, Love & God" on your side. February 14th kicks off the month of "Love".

Why the Challenge?

Dr. Pillai says the only solution to the current global crisis is “a critical mass of people meditating together”.

How to Participate

1) Register for the Challenge. Start Now >>

2) Chant Kleem any number of times every day.

3) Enter your daily count of Kleem. Submit Here >>

4) Share your miracles. Tell Us >>

How to chant Kleem?

  • Create a clear intention as to which of your relationships you would like to rejuvenate. Commit to chanting daily for the duration of the Challenge.
  • Set aside a specific place or time for chanting, or chant anytime, anywhere as part of your daily routine.
  • Chant it aloud, silently or even mentally. Dr. Pillai calls subtle chanting as more profound.
  • Chant it with family, or in a group with friends or colleagues. Dr. Pillai recommends group chanting as more powerful.

Your Turn to Share

Your thoughts and actions are extremely important to shape and co-create a global mindset of ‘Love and Harmony'. Please share your Kleem stories and miracles.



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