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Who is Kalki Karuppaswamy?

Dr. Pillai describes Kalki Karuppaswamy as the “Performer God” who is close to the earth plane and takes swift effective action. He is also known as the “God of Justice” or the “God of Righteousness, Dharma” who is going to usher in the Golden Age. He has come to restore justice and uphold righteousness that is dwindling everywhere, throughout the world. He is an extremely powerful god and he has the ability to do miracles for you.

What can Kalki Karuppaswamy do for you?

He is very much interested in solving mundane problems such as:

  • disputes between neighbors or land crisis
  • disputes between siblings, family members or relatives
  • relationship challenges between husband and wife
  • health issues
  • money/financial problems
  • legal issues or court cases
  • blocks in career or business progress

He is concerned about the details of your life and he is going to make sure that people who have been wronged financially or by any other means will be protected and given a chance to come up in life. He will right the wrongs done to you. However, he cannot help anyone to carry out an injustice and cannot support “crooked deals”.

Dr. Pillai became very interested years ago when he witnessed a Karuppaswamy channel perform miracles where he healed the blind, people who could not walk could walk again, people who could not speak could speak again and so on. These huge miracles were happening to so many people in the span of a short time and were performed instantaneously. Dr. Pillai decided this was needed for all of us and has trained and empowered attuned individuals to bring Karuppaswamy forward and to be available to you. Divine Intervention is here to solve what appears to be impossible.

Please watch the following videos to learn more about Kalki Karuppaswamy

Karuppaswamy Webcast:

Karuppaswamy God Of Justice Descends:

Karuppaswamy The Performer God:

“On the day of your Divine Encounter, please have your skype open and be available starting at 8.00 pm IST. Kalki Karuppaswamy sometimes arrives earlier or later and we have to act quickly and you need to be available at that moment”

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