Miracle School Month 7 Program Only (Monthly Payments)

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We regret to inform you that due to the imposition of new lockdown measures in different countries and restricted international flights operation, we are unable to ship Prasad at this time.
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“I am very excited about coming up with a program that can change people who are, by themselves, no matter how hard they work, unable to change their lives.  The Miracle School is for those who are in need of a miracle.” – Dr. Pillai

Miracle School, Dr. Pillai’s newest year-long program, is designed to take care of every need and desire you could ever have, including:

•     Money and success
•     Manifestation
•     Karma removal
•     Love and relationships
•     Health and vitality
•     Courage and self-esteem
•     Supernormal powers (siddhis)
•     Archetype communication
•     Spiritual enlightenment
•     Intellect and intuition
•     Astrology and timeline jumping
•     Dr. Pillai's latest timely teachings

You name it, it's covered.

Plus, participation in timely events with Dr. Pillai throughout the year, including:

•     Vedic New Year
The Vedic New Year (Astrological New Year) is a key time that supports fresh starts and creating yourself anew.  Dr. Pillai will connect with the group to deliver exclusive teachings on how you can harness this time to get on the fast track of transformation.
•     Full Moon of the Guru
The Full Moon of the Guru (Guru Purnima) is considered the most important time of the year for both spiritual and material transformation.  You will receive access to Dr. Pillai's virtual Full Moon of the Guru program via LIVE phone call, and receive blessings and initiation on this most sacred night.

This is a recurring payment store post and you will be charged the same amount every month for 5 months unless you give written notice for subscription cancellation.

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