Energized 5 Metal Vel Divine Tool for Success

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                                  Energized 5-Metal Vel: Divine Tool for Success

Vel or lance is the weapon of Muruga. It embodies t
he winner’s consciousness of Muruga.

It can enable you to:

~  Overcome obstacles in spiritual growth

~  Turn legal issues in your favor

~  Protect yourself from evil eye and curses

~  Remove bad health karma and bad money karma

~  Transform your physical body into a ‘light’ body

~  Gain success in business endeavors and academic matters

What Will I Receive?

Along with the energized 5-metal Vel, you will receive sacred powders (grey ash and/or red vermillion powder) energized in the rituals. You can keep them on your altar and wear them on your forehead during meditation or prayers.

NOTE: These will be shipped from Pillai Center India. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery after the energization.

Usage Guidelines

Hydrate the Vel by pouring water or milk, while chanting the sound ‘Om Saravanabavaya’.

You can keep the Vel on you altar, or carry the Vel with you in your pocket or bag.

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