Mystery School

Secret Revelations and Special Blessings to Control Everything in Your Life

Mystery School

A Personalized 1 Year Program with
Dr. Pillai's Most Advanced Teachings

Beginning on November 18th 2017


"The Program is going to reflect the consciousness I am currently living. I have access to revelations that I have never had. I have been getting revelations about secrets how to change the reality that you want, and ultimately transcend human limitations. My goal is to change the human psychology and biology so that we are able to control everything in our lives. I will directly interact with people on a monitoring basis.


"This particular mystery school program will be personalized with some digital help; members will follow a schedule that is particularly relevant for them, and monitor that. Timings for instance, timings for meditation, I'm going to personalize it as much as I can.


"People in this program will be monitored, you will not only self-monitor, but I'm going to put out a lot of my own energy in the form of blessings. Blessings are everything, and the blessings will change karma, will change the hardships that you go through. No matter how much you try you can't change it, all these can be changed through blessings.

The Guru's Blessings: The Most Significant Part of the Program

"Vishvamitra, the king who became a saint and gave us Shreem Brzee, wanted a title, the title is called Brahmarishi. Brahmarishi means the ultimate seer. He wanted that title and he went and asked his Guru, can you give me that title. Everybody has given, even gods have acknowledged me with that title. His guru Vashishta said yes, they have all given, even Brahma my father who is a god has given you this title, but I'm not going to give you the title because you are not eligible. Vishvamitra demanded what is the reason. Because you are not eligible, that's the answer.

The whole story, the anecdote, that gods may even give a boon, but it is very difficult to get the blessings of the Guru. And Vishvamitra knew that the blessings are everything.

If I want to change the finances of a certain individual, I can. It won't take a long time at all.

So the blessings are included. That is the most significant part of this Dr. Pillai's 2018 Mystery School."

Dr. Pillai

Introducing Dr. Pillai's 2018 Mystery School

Mystery School is a yearlong premiere program with:


The teachings will be divided into four quarters, each with a specific theme that Dr. Pillai will develop over a 3-month period. Below is Dr. Pillai's outline for the program, which will continually evolve as time progresses.

1st Quarter: How to Move Beyond Robot Thinking & Action

Our lives have not changed dramatically because of our robot thinking patterns. This robot thinking is autonomous and is based on one's karma. I was watching a documentary on Warren Buffet and how he thinks and does his work. His thoughts are also autonomous, like the thoughts of most people, but there is a big difference – his thoughts are focused, clear, and purposeful. This contrasts with the autonomous thinking of others, which are unfocused, unclear, and purposeless. How to change into a purposeful and clear autonomous thinking? We have to change our mindset or karma.

Brahma Vidya is the ultimate practice of the yogis for changing the limited mindset to an unlimited mindset. The teachings include cutting down the number of nostril breaths and learning to breath from the navel chakra, throat chakra, and the third eye chakra.

2nd Quarter: Lucid Dreaming & the Creation of a New Reality

Lucid dreaming is conscious dreaming. It is the most effective way to create an unlimited reality. During lucid dreaming, you are in theta waves, which open doors to creative ideas unavailable to the normal beta or even alpha waves. Thomas Edison is the best example of a person who used these theta waves. He used to practice lucid dreaming to create new inventions from the theta realms. The yogis are adepts in lucid dreaming and induced the state through the help of mantras and angels.

Mystery School members will be given training for lucid dreaming over a three-month period. Although lucid dreaming can be practiced at any time, the best time of day is 4:30 am to 5:30 am. You will wake up during this time and will combine the use of sleeping and waking states to induce lucid dreaming. You will also write down the revelatory ideas emerging during lucid dreaming.

3rd Quarter: Conscious, Sub-Conscious, and Unconscious Attraction & Manifestation

Attraction and manifestation [of what you want] are a prerequisite for a fulfilled life. Lack of resources will hamper progress. In the first Mystery School Program, Dr. Pillai introduced profound mantras with fives sounds of NAMACIVAYA as tools for attraction. These sounds become active at certain time slots in combination with directional energy and special yantras made with 5 metals. There are two types of attraction principles:

1)   Conscious attraction directed toward particular goals.

2)   Becoming a magnet to attract. This brings all kinds of people and opportunities without your conscious intention.

4th Quarter: Communicating with Gods & Goddesses

There are different kinds of spiritual technologies used to communicate with gods and goddesses. In the Old Testament period, King Solomon was an adept in the communication technology with the divine, much to displeasure of other rabbis. Traditions from Ancient Greece, Rome, Mexico, and others also have made their own methods, but most of these traditions have become extinct. India has, however, maintained a living tradition and it is quite scientific. Within the Indian tradition there is a time, place, and password to call on the divine. One can even channel the energy of gods.

Being in touch with gods can help humans with their omniscience and omnipotence. Jesus admitted that, "With my Father, everything is possible." Participants will be given both theory and practice of these technologies.



25 Karma Clearing Technologies

You will receive *25 + Karma Clearing Technologies (Remedies) performed on your behalf in India each month using 7 surrogate yantras. Surrogate yantras are small copper plates inscribed with your personal natal birth chart, which capture your energetic signature and enable the remedies to reach you via proxy.

Click Here to Read About the 25 Types of Proxy Technologies That Will Be
Performed on Your Behalf in India.

Dr. Pillai's Birth Chart & Copper Amulet

You will receive a rare copper amulet, personally energized by Dr. Pillai, containing an inscribed copper plate (yantra) of Dr. Pillai's birth chart. This special amulet will transmit Dr. Pillai's energy, and will be used to remain connected to Dr. Pillai throughout the 12 months.


The program includes two 20 - 30 minute Vedic astrological consultations with an AstroVed astrologer. The first one will be towards the beginning of the program to help prepare you for 2018, and the second will be towards the end of the program.


Weekly Group Meditations

Weekly Group Meditation sessions provide a powerful experience of group synergy when coming together to share Dr. Pillai's teachings and practices, as well as provide a space for personal discussion and questions.

Guided Workshops On Special Topics (To Be Announced)

Pillai Center teachers will hold special workshops on specific topics related to the theme of the quarter. These will be developed based on the teaching materials provided by Dr. Pillai, as well as member needs.

Community Connection

There will be opportunities to interact and share with other people dedicated to this yearlong program through Facebook, online forum, small group discussions and member-led calls.


As a member of the new Mystery School Program, you will receive the Wealth Rising Program as a gift from Dr. Pillai. This is a six-month program that starts on October 1, 2017 with a focus on increasing prosperity consciousness and obtaining financial growth.

There are two different options for the program: Silver and Gold. As a Mystery School member, you can select either the Silver or Gold Program. You will have access to the program materials from the website, emails, and weekly calls.

*This does not include any Shreem Brzee products or rituals.

Join Mystery School

Option #1

Per Month

  • Dr. Pillai's most advanced teachings and energetic empowerment
  • Karma-clearing spiritual technologies
  • Special energized items
  • Vedic astrology consultations
  • Private group events & interaction
  • And complimentary Wealth Rising Program

Option #2

Per Year ($1200 Savings)

  • Dr. Pillai's most advanced teachings and energetic empowerment
  • Karma-clearing spiritual technologies
  • Special energized items
  • Vedic astrology consultations
  • Private group events & interaction
  • And complimentary Wealth Rising Program

"The reason why things are not happening is because we are unconscious. We are being driven by our karma. Our karma is to get a job and retire in that job, and then die. That is a life of karma. Here we are on this earth plane not just to go through our karmic reality, but to change it. You can change your reality with the help of divine forces. I am very excited for this program. I want everyone to benefit from these teachings."

Dr. Pillai

Control Your Reality

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