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Nambunayaki Spiritual Healing Initiation

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Dr. Pillai Dr. Pillai is opening Healing Initiations by the Medicine and Health archetypal Goddess, Nambunayaki. This goddess descended into the earth plane millions of years ago in another yuga on the island of Rameshwaram in southern India. She is the family goddess of Dr. Pillai’s mother whom the goddess saved miraculously from premature death.

Healing energy transmissions will be given for diseases and conditions, of any severity. This program is intended for physical suffering, such as in serious illness and chronic conditions as well as psychological suffering such as depression, etc.

Beth DesMarais, a 14 year student of Dr. Pillai’s, was given the name, Nambunayaki. She has formed a close relationship and spiritual practice with the Goddess and has been given special blessings by Dr. Pillai to be the Initiator. More about Beth…

Energy Flow The Initiation is passing on Goddess Nambunayaki’s healing energy onto the body mind and soul of the Initiate. During the initiation your subconscious will receive the energy of Nambunayaki through the Goddess’s seed mantra and pass it to different bodily parts. Session will be administered by Beth DesMarais.

Due to the experimental natural of the program, ongoing changes in health conditions will be self tracked through appropriate journals etc.. Feedback forms and an update cycle will be provided.


About Beth (Nambu):

Nambunayaki Beth DesMarais has been a student of Dr. Pillai’s for 14 years. Over this time she has initiated and organized many programs offered through Pillai Center and AstroVed. For the past 5 years she has created deep relationships with Archetypal Goddesses who have powerful energies to remove blocks and negativity. Through this connection currently Beth directs Nambu Botanicals, an herbal product company under the guidance of Dr. Pillai.

Prior to joining the Pillai organization, Beth worked in financial technology services for over a decade where she started and directed 2 companies in New York.

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