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The Application for the trip is closed. If you would still like to join the trip or have any question about it, please email office@pillaicenter.com for further assistance.

Dr. Pillai’s Special Message:

"Opening your 3rd Eye not only facilitates the process of evolution of the physical body into the light body, it is also the door to acquiring Siddhi (supernormal) Powers.


When ‘fully opened’, says saint Ramalingam, the light from the 3rd Eye can make a dead body come to life, and a straw to walk and do things.

It takes 10 days of intense work to activate the 3rd Eye under my direct supervision. The training involves a one-on-one initiation and group sessions.

Once you learn the techniques, you are required to keep them to yourself and private in accordance with the Gurukula (Master’s School) tradition of spiritual secrecy. You are not permitted to impart the knowledge or share it with others.

Time and place are very important factors in imparting the most esoteric knowledge, which I have never taught before.

I have selected the Nine Nights of the Goddess as the appropriate time. The places I have selected are – Thiruvannamalai, Kumbakonam, Vadalur – all of them are powerful vortices during all the 4 Yugas (Vedic cycles of time)."

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