On-Demand: Dr. Pillai's Shivaratri Empowerment Webcast

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Dr. Pillai’s 4 Webcasts: One for Each Kala

I am going to teach you a meditation, a very secretive meditation I have never revealed before. I am also going to give the secretive mantras that you will do in each of the 4 units of time (kalas), covering the 12-hour period of time." - Dr. Pillai

Participate in the Dr. Pillai’s Shivaratri Empowerment webcast. Be in command of your life. We invite you to join with us on the most powerful night of the year to remove deep seeded karma that is holding you back. You will also receive:

•  Dr. Pillai's 4 Webcasts for Each Kala
•  At-Home Practice Instructions
•  Downloadable Webcast, Meditation, and Mantra Audios

Maha Shivaratri 2016 Audios and PDF

Maha Shivaratri 2016 Audios and PDF

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