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Sri Chakra Pendant is your magical wand to invoke all the riches. Let your life be the synonym of prosperity! Goddess adds enchantment, prosperity and happiness to your life. The energized radiations from the Pendant stimulate your thirst to acquire money, material comforts and wealth. It lays a luck strewn path for your success!

The nine interlocked triangles in the Pendant surround and radiate out from the bindu point (the seed center), the junction point between the physical universe and its source. This powerful geometric pattern is an avenue for you to access the Goddess of wealth. She energizes you with the waves of divine energy that accumulate money and other material comforts for you.
Energized Rudraksha Citrine Mala

Energized Rudraksha Citrine Mala

We have created a custom "Guru" Rudraksha Mala, it is a blend of five-faced rudraksha beads, and citrine, with a large five-faced rudraksha at the center point. Both the five-faced rudraksha and citrine are transceivers of the Guru's blessings.

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Meditation and Affirmations with a Master: 3 Tracks

Meditation & Affirmations with a Master - 3 Tracks Dr. Pillai's Meditation and Affirmations includes the following tracks: 1) Morning Process: Chaotic breathing used to release your tensions, anxieties and negative thoughts. The ‘Ah’ Meditation manifests your desires and guides your emotional energy. 2) Evening Process: Yogic Sleep is a concentrated technique that Dr. Pillai developed over twenty years

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Power super thinking.jpg

Power of Super Thinking

Power of Super Thinking Dr. Pillai teaches how to activate your ability to manifest instantaneously by bypassing logic, cause and effect, and time. Track 1 (17 mins) introduces the concept of Super Thinking. Track 2 (23 mins) contains a powerful technique to empower your mid brain. Track 3 (32 mins) contains another powerful technique to activate your heart intelligence. This package contains a PDF to help you with your practice.

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Siva Shakti Bracelet: Rudraksha and Crystal Beads

This crystal and rudraksha bead bracelet is called the siva-shakti bracelet as it invokes the energy and power of both creativity (Siva) and receptivity (the Archetypal Feminine - also known as "shakti" or energy). Wearing the balancing blend of these two energies is good for both enlightenment (spirituality) as well as prosperity (materiality). These beads can be used to count recitations of quantum sounds frequencies and amplify their energy.

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