9 Planet Gemstone Bracelet

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                                                       9 Planet Gemstone Bracelet

Planets are agents of our karma. 
This 9-Planet bracelet holds stones compatible with each of the 9 Planets. 
Wearing the stones that are compatible with the Planets attracts their positive benefits,  alleviates negative karma and draws positive karma. 
As long as you are living on Planet Earth you will experience karma - so why not invoke karma that will make your life more joyful? Bracelet will fit an 8 inch wrist.


E-Book: Life Changing Sounds: Tools from the Other Side (by Dr. Pillai)

This is not just another book. This book will change your destiny. It carries secret sounds and other tools used by enlightened beings in ancient times from the esoteric teachings of India. These sounds are for anyone who seeks Light and higher consciousness, regardless of any particular religion. It has 12 simple techniques and powerful sounds, which can empower you to change 12 significant areas of your life forever. To read further, click on ‘More…’

US $ 8.00

Thiru Neela Kantam / Makaral Sivayanama Meditation

Thiru Neela Kantam - Makaral Sivayanama is one of the most powerful Meditation techniques for removing karma. On this audio track, Dr. Pillai guides you through a 9-minute meditation to cleanse and release your most stubborn karmic patterns. These sounds can be used on a daily basis to clear away negativity and old patterns. This recording was taken from a live seminar with Dr. Pillai.

US $ 3.00

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