Energized 2.5 Inch Vishvamitra Statue

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“Vishvamitra was the most compassionate being that ever lived on the earth plane. He was intent on giving a great life to everyone, a king’s life. That is why he meditated on the Goddess of Wealth, Lakshmi, and then received the mantra Brzee.” — Dr. Pillai

Why is a statue needed?

According to the yogis and siddhas, idolatry is an advanced technology to incarnate a divine being on the earth plane. Special ceremonies called “prana pratistha” are used to give prana, or life to the statue. Once the statue is brought to life, it is easy to receive the energy from the being and also communicate with him or her.

What’s special about this Vishvamitra statue ?

We created this handmade, first-of-its-kind statue of Vishvamitra as a replica of his statue at his Vijayapati (land of victory) powerspot – the only temple dedicated to him in the world. Vijayapati is where Vishvamitra is said to have meditated for thousands of years to attain the status of “Brahma Rishi”– the highest honor for a saint.

How is this statue energized ?

The statue is energized with the Vibhuti, or sacred ash from Vishvamitra’s statue at Vijayapati. This vibhuti is the carbonized, or materialized life-force energy of Vishvamitra. By energizing the statue with this Vibhuti in a special way, the energy from Vishvamitra’s main statue at Vijayapati is transferred to it. Because it is in the same form and also made from a special composition of metals called “Panchalogam” or “five-metal,” it is easily able to retain the energy.

Benefits of this Vishvamitra statue

  • Easily access the wealth energy of Brzee
  • Become one with unstoppable success
  • Surround yourself with protection and divine blessings
  • Handmade and first-of-its-kind
  • 5-metal composition
  • 2.5” tall, easy to carry
  • Free International Shipping Included

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