Mantra Multiplier Device

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This siddha technology, also known as the mantra multiplier, was recently revealed to Dr. Pillai. You will receive a small brass tube. This has been energized by Dr. Pillai himself and you will also receive instructions on how to use it.

This is a secret siddha device designed to accelerate your manifestation process. It will be personally touched and blessed by Dr. Pillai and this will be present in in Dr. Pillai’s pooja room.

What do do with them?

Hold this in the palm of your hand and do the meditation with them. Dr. Pillai said they have the ability to multiply the effect of the mantras used when holding them.

When not in use place them on your altar or safe place OR put a string or chain through one of them and wear it around your neck.

You will also receive a paperclip, which is about an inch in length.

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